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Someone to Believe In

walk_wJust because you are taking an interest in the teachings of Anthony Robbins, that does not make you a “disciple” of his. That may be one of the greatest criticisms and misunderstandings that people who don’t understand what Anthony Robbins teaches have and it often comes across as crude humor. Some call Robbins a “positive thinking guru”. Firstly, his teachings have much more depth than to just classify them as “positive thinking” or “self-help” or to pigeonhole Robbins as a motivational speaker.

But of more concern is the mistake of seeing Anthony Robbins as a “guru”. Robbins is not preaching a new religion or seeking “converts” or disciples at all. He has simply discovered the methods and disciplines that can lead all of us to greater success and wealth in our lives. These methods have worked for him so he wishes to share them with others. There is nothing weird or bad about that desire at all and tens of thousands have benefited from Anthony Robbins’ teaching.

If Anthony Robbins were trying to build a following or a “church”, he would teach that we should believe in him and his teachings would become a cult of personality. Robbins has tremendous credibility because what he teaches has been proven true in his life and in the lives of others. We don’t have to believe IN Anthony Robbins but to just believe him when he explains how we can achieve the same amazing results in our lives. The same that he has enjoyed by following the principles of positive self-actualization and using the power of the will and the mind to go after your dreams in life.

But Robbins does propose that you go through a change to begin believing in someone else with much greater conviction and devotion. That person you should believe in is you. That is because the dream that you will realize when you begin to unleash the power that is already within you will be a power that does not come from some otherworldly outside force. That power comes from you. It is the power of your dream, your passion to succeed and that deeply buried inner person who is a winner once you overcome the layers of excuses and self-defeating thought patterns.

“Believe in yourself” sounds like the empty advice that our parents gave us when we were young to try to get us to do our homework. But the approach we learn from the seminars and books by Anthony Robbins is far more practical. That is because instead of just trying to “buck us up” with a pep talk, Robbins helps us identify myths and self-defeating stories we tell ourselves that keep us from becoming the person we were always meant to be.

Where do these myths and stories come from? They are coping mechanisms we use to mask the pain and frustration that come from failure or bad experiences in life. It is too easy to say, “Well if you fail, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again”. If that area of life where the failure occurred is intensely personal like a loss of career or the failure of a marriage or love affair, the damage to your self-concept can be devastating.

The power of emotions to put “punch” behind the excuses and stories we tell to rationalize our failures is understandable. The emotional system is the most powerful mechanism for self-preservation we have. But the fact remains that rationalization and creating myths to make the pain of a loss in the past are still lies that will keep us from ever achieving the success and wealth we are capable of and that we deserve.

Only you can face down those “band-aids” that you put in place to cover up a wound. It is time for that band-aid to come off. If you lost a job because of you made mistakes, tear off the band-aid. If your love life suffered because you and your lover did not share the same values and he or she dumped you, that hurts but it’s time to tear off the band-aid and let that wound heal. When you do, you will experience release from those past hurts. And you will be empowered to great success in the future. And that is what we really want.

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