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Take Time To Know Yourself

Life’s reason is a question it seems, and the journey for answers. There are many questions, and often a vast array of answers.

Life is a gift, life is a joy. The winner is not the one who dies with the most toys. The winner will come to their day, content and filled with knowledge. For with this knowledge, real happiness was found. The first question ever asked was answered, and the rest of life came easily.

It’s not unusual in our haste to neglect this first question. After all, the answer is not written, neither is there a wise man to ask who could possibly reply. This question is short, only three words. But it is truly the most important ever asked, and the most valuable ever answered.

“Who am I”, now ask yourself, “Who am I”.

I wonder, have you taken the time to know yourself? If you have been like most of us in this world of instants – instant coffee, instant milk, instant answers – you’ve neglected to examine the answer to life’s most important question “who am I”, Don’t despair, you still have time to ask this question and all the time, life’s journey will afford you the answer this question. But I’m sure you will want to find this answer much sooner, and live a life of happiness and contentment from the here and now.

The endeavor of self-knowledge is not a new fad for those who wish to believe the age of today is the dawn of enlightenment, or any particular trendy new age movement. It is a basic human instinct really, and an age old quest. This is documented in ancient Greece as inscribed on the shrine of Apollo, 6th century BC “Know thyself”.

Self-knowledge is not simply a key to happiness; it is limitless in its value as a tool for successful life experiences. Self-knowledge is also security for those times when we need some loving arms, comfort and light in our darkness.

The question was simple enough. The next step is to take the time to know yourself. The most difficult part of this task is beginning. Once you have started, though, the rest will come surprisingly easy.

Begin the process of knowing yourself by being a friend to yourself. The most important thing a friend will do for you, a real friend, is to give you credit. When your friend is good at something, it is only natural to tell your friend how well he/she shines at what he/she does. Now simply do this for yourself. A real friend will not find some negative, or pick on some weaker skill of yours and highlight it. Be a real friend. There is no benefit at all being modest here. Modesty is an honorable trait and certainly acknowledge this with pride if it really is a trait. But this task is best achieved by bragging to yourself about your abilities.

Only after you have honestly absorbed and understood your wonderful skills and qualities should you turn some attention to exploring those things about yourself that would not usually be considered positive points. A real friend will gently allow you to acknowledge that perhaps you may have some limitations. That’s what friends do; they are honest with each other, but never judgmental or hurtful. It is not advisable to dismiss this step. Embracing the entire you is an important key to self-knowledge.

The joy to this second step is that you will have knowledge of your limitations, and knowledge is control. Knowledge of your limitations means that you can work on them where they can be improved, or work with them towards your eventual goals.

You may seek advice on defining the first two steps of acknowledging and recording your attributes. After all, our family and friends often see things in us that we are too close to see for ourselves. But, as you will discover, step three can only be honestly evaluated by you.

Now finally, define your aspirations. Once you begin work towards being who you aspire to be, you are who you are, and the answer to the question “Who am I” is about as simple as the nose on your face.

When you know who you are your goals appear so much nearer than where they were before. You will discover you are now stronger and braver when confronted with challenges. You will no longer wonder if you can do some thing or another. You will know.

When you know yourself, you will love yourself just as you love those nearest and dearest to you who you know so well. When you love yourself, you will never be lonely, you may be alone on occasion, but then you will feel all-one.

This, my friend, is the secret to a successful, content and happy life. It’s time to “know thyself”

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