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Talk Positively To Your Self

Did you know that there are many of us who suffer from low self-esteem as well as poor financial cycles and reaching to touch that dream which moves us, simply because we talk negatively to ourselves? It is true you know we creatures of thought do it all the time.

We hold a concept of ourselves, in the ways that we perceive our view of issues we encounter within in ourselves. Naturally, our behaviors reflect what we think about ourselves personally. For instance, when you hold a negative concept of yourself, you will criticize others as well as yourself with judgments and blaming along with self-doubts, which enhances a negative vibration in your life. Whereas on the other hand, if you hold a positive concept of yourself, your self-confidence is high as well as your self esteem which will reflect in your nature and your life.

All too often, many of us spend a great deal of time fulfilling our basic needs, such as food, shelter, safety and security. However, we often lack in furnishing ourselves with our other needs such as fitting in to a group and feelings of affection. When these needs are not met, it stunts our pattern of growth, which in turn leads to frustration and a negative self-concept. You must also understand that we each evolve around outside influences, and that the way in which we react to a crises effects in our development.

Some individuals may suffer from the negative talk of their elders, whether they personally were being unruly or not, since behavior is also affected by conditioning and reinforcement. Hearing someone tell you are something repeatedly will influence your self-concept. Most likely by having you repeat to your own self something negative about yourself, especially if it is not true. The repeated negative messages then go about fulfilling themselves by attracting negative vibrations into your life. These negative vibrations then begin placing even more obstacles in your way as you talk negatively to yourself. This is where you then find limitations, because all you are really doing is unnecessarily beating your own self up.

The great news is you can totally reverse the vibrations, which you are conducting into your life by the use of positive talk, thoughts and vibrations. The first step is to take action, rather than merely reading or thinking about it, but to actually put the model of positive thinking into your life by doing it. Believe me, doing so will bring about balance in the changes that you seek, however it does require effort on your part.

Steps for Practicing Positive Talk

1. Love yourself: you should honor yourself with the same respect and kindness that you show to those you truly love. Shower yourself with gifts when you succeed, such as enjoying a favorite pastime.

2. Be mindful of negative talking. Do not pick your self apart even in jest. Focus on the things you like about yourself instead. Use positive affirmations.

3. Concentrate on your good qualities and learn to be comfortable with yourself.

4. Above all, resist the inner persuasion to criticize yourself, as this really is a learned behavior and you can focus on unlearning it as well.

5. Be proud of your achievements, take honor in them and celebrate them with an open heart and mind. This will help build your self-assurance.

6. No matter what the situation, always strive to do your very best, and then make sure you acknowledge to yourself that you have indeed done your best, no matter the outcome. This will aid in releasing any resentment or anger you may have for any particular situation.

Stay persistent in your positive self-talk. Any time you find that you are beginning to talk negatively to yourself, immediately replace it with positive talk. Remember, that practice makes perfect and since we are all individuals, we each will go at our own pace in recovery from negative self-talk. Keep in mind that life is full of natural drawbacks, stay open to the possibilities and then handle each as they come along.

By nature, we are all self-indulgent and we often find that the social rule are not necessarily where we fit in, thereby causing us individually to doubt our own concept of self. It is like an inner battle between your wanting wish fulfillment and your sense of moral standards or social obligations. If you obtain your desire, then your sense of standards begins to work on you. This will affect you either negatively or positively, depending upon your self-concept.

So, talk positively to yourself, you deserve it!

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