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The Anthony Robbins One Two Punch

sky_wPeople who are not familiar with the teachings of Anthony Robbins make the mistake of thinking the life changing ideas he teaches are nothing more than positive thinking chants that are unrealistic and ineffective. There have been plenty of lampoons of the positive thinking movement, especially since The Secret came out that depicts people who follow teachings like Robbins has to share as mindless fools who just repeat empty phrases that do nothing but keep us in a fantasy land.

But because you are taking the time to understand the real meat of the teachings of Anthony Robbins, you will begin to see there is a real one two punch to his teachings. That one two punch is what is going to bring changes to your life unlike anything you have ever known.

The first big change that you will experience as you begin to understand the teachings of Anthony Robbins will be in the way you think and how you view the world. The ideas of using your positive mental abilities to stop self-defeating attitudes and begin to look for ways to begin realizing your dreams is positively revolutionary in how it will change every aspect of your life. It is amazing how potent the change to even mundane decisions and how you react to the world around you will be when you stop letting negativity and emotion drag you down. You can start empowering positive energies and positive emotions to energize you to find a positive aspect to even negative events going on around you.

Because what Robbins teaches reveals for the first time to you that even what you used to see as “bad things” have buried in them opportunities and doors that you might have missed that can lead to success and the next leap forward to your goals in life, these teachings are life changing. If the only outcome was that you became a happier, more energized person with a more up-beat world view, that would be a phenomenal benefit from learning from Anthony Robbins books and seminars.

But to only allow your change of viewpoint to affect your thoughts misses the point of what can happen when you unleash the power of your positive mental abilities in your life. Robbins is very forceful the second half of the one two punch of his teaching comes in the form of actions you take to change your life. You remove negative influences around you and streamline your life in preparation for the arrival of greater opportunities for success.

When you start to witness the big changes that begin to happen in your life, it can be amazing and even a little scary to witness. But it is natural that when you become empowered to embrace your dreams in a way that you may have never have done since childhood, you are also going to see drastic changes to your priorities. Then when you go to the next level and see clearly for the first time that you cannot only embrace your true goals and destiny in life but you can see a clear path to realizing those dreams, many of your old habits, relationships and how you spend your time will just not make any sense any more.

The one two punch of the teachings of Anthony Robbins is to change your thinking and then to change your actions. They go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other. But the third part that follows that one two punch is the best of all and that is realizing your dreams and of true wealth in your life that lasts a lifetime. And that makes all the other changes worth the effort.

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One Decision Can Change Your Life Forever

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