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The Importance Of Character

If you look around you and the world that you are part of, you will quickly discover that many individuals engage in activities and display behaviors that are quite questionable. Many of these individuals display these behaviors and engage in activities that are considered to be questionable in order to accumulate riches and succeed in life. While it is true that many of these individuals achieve the success that they are after, they lack the integrity and honor of having character. If you are looking to achieve success in your life, and you want to do it in a morally upright manner, you must start by evaluating your character. Here, you will learn the importance of character.

If you attempt to succeed in a morally unjust manner, you may acquire a generous amount of wealth, but you are likely to remain unhappy, and experience an inner feeling of emptiness. This is because of the fact that you did what you did with a lack of character and regard for the character of others. When you display a morally upright character, you also display integrity. That is basically what character is – having a high sense of integrity. Integrity, ultimately, means “quality” when it relates to the character of an individual. Integrity goes so much deeper than just a standard “quality” in character.

Individuals who study philosophy have come to the conclusion that there are essential fundamentals when it comes to this term as it relates to human life. First, integrity is the standard that a person has towards themselves that is highly ethical, professional, and “formal”. The second fundamental is when an individual displays behaviors, and takes actions that are considered to be morally upright when faced with decisions, jobs, and social interactions in life. Integrity can be considered a moral, and it can also be considered a virtue when it comes to character.

There is one particular rule that has been passed down from one generation to another all throughout history that truly defines what is expected when it comes to proper character. That is the ever-popular “Golden Rule”. This rule, which originated in The Holy Bible in Luke 6:31 states: “Do to others as you would have them do to you”. While there are a number of translations and expression of this particular rule, the meaning is simple. If we keep this rule in mind as we progress through life, not only will we exhibit a morally upright character, but we are quite likely to experience the success that we have set out to achieve.

There are certain characteristics that make a person successful. First the individual that is destined for success will have a strong belief in themselves, as well as that which they want to accomplish. This type of individual will also have a determination to do what it takes, and to do it in a virtuous manner. Work is not an issue for these individuals, and neither is failure. Failure is nothing more than a way of letting that person know that they must attempt to do whatever it is that they are trying to do in a more creative way. Failures are true learning experiences that the individual with character and integrity actually look forward to, and the lessons experienced. If you can have this character, you will go far in life.

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