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The Paradox Of An Attitude Of Gratitude

The attitude of gratitude is a terribly overlooked aspect of manifesting your dreams and desires. When you feel gratitude for all the good that you have in your life, without even making any efforts you are throwing open wide the doors to bring even more abundance of good things into your life.

An attitude of gratitude is like a magnet, charging up your life to receive blessings and abundance. Have you ever heard the phrase, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”? Well, needless to say that is always said as some kind of indictment of the rich–those who have abundance. It’s a statement of jealousy and it’s one that is supposed to impart to the listener how “unjust” life is. But as a matter of fact, that statement unwittingly expresses a great and perfectly “just” cosmic law. On the surface, it seems very unfair; but scratch the surface and you’ll find simple natural laws and natural energy working according to, well, their nature.

The rich, the wealthy, those with abundance, are grateful. Those who are poor are not. Now, you will likely say, “Of COURSE that’s how it is! The wealthy are grateful for their good luck, while the poor certainly don’t have anything to be grateful for!”

But are the wealthy lucky? Not usually. Usually they have worked from the ground up to get their fortune. And even when they have started with “a silver spoon in their mouth”, they have had to learn what to do with their money to make sure they keep it. It’s not nearly as simplistic as those with less money assume–and that’s exactly why they have less money!

You see, most people get the cause and effect backwards here. They assume that the fortune, the “good luck”, comes first, and then comes the gratitude. Without the good fortune, no gratitude. Wrong.

It is the gratitude that attracts more good fortune!

You can cultivate an attitude of gratitude to help you get more abundance in your life by keeping journal. Get yourself a very nice blank journal–not some spiral bound notebook. Every day, write down at least five things you are grateful for. Now, every day is different; not all days are as good as others. When you have a bad day, just write down the most basic things; you are grateful to have your place to live; you are grateful for the food you ate that day; you are grateful for your dog; etc. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written these things down before–all good things are worth repeating. As you feel yourself growing more grateful for what you have, you’ll suddenly be amazed one day when you have more!

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