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The Pitfalls of Making Excuses

Sometimes we go too easy on ourselves. What I mean is that as you move through life, it’s easy to make excuses for lowering your standards about what you hope to achieve in life. It is a gradual process. At first, you start out with high standards and dreams for the future that include great achievement that will get you wealth and recognition.

But over time as we go from experience to experience, that vision starts to come down out of the clouds and our true vision for who we will be in life changes and comes closer to who you are today. That is not to say that where you are in life is a bad place. But it doesn’t live up to that grand vision that you had as a youth and that dream of greatness was a dream that may have never left you. If it is still in the back of your heart telling you that you can be better than you are, you may have fallen victim to a natural human instinct called making excuses.

How we get from a youthful state where we are full of dreams to our final way of life that settles for less is the subject of much of the writings of famous positive thinking teachers, most notably Anthony Robbins. Robbins knows well this story because it is his story. But he has another story to tell. Because he found out later in life that you can stop making excuses and you can stop letting yourself off the hook. And by raising the bar and setting your standard for what is acceptable in life to that original dream, you empower yourself to reach that dream, even if this process happens late in adulthood. You are never too old or too young to dream and never too old to activate that part of you that was destined for greatness.

The excuses we make that allow us gradually to lower the standard for what we expect from life are easy to make. Some of them sound like this…

. Well I did not get my law degree but I did get a degree in accounting so I can make a good living. That is good enough.
. I ran into some rough breaks clawing my way to the top of my profession. But I can settle for a lower position because it pays the bills. That is good enough.
. Getting to the top is all politics anyway. I would rather work at a lower level than fight politics to reach for my dream. At least by settling for a job I know I can do, I don’t have to worry about being laid off. And that is good enough.

Making excuses can become a real habit once you get used to it. The psychology of excuse making is easy to understand. We go through life learning to adjust our self-concept because of both failures and successes we face. Failures hurt our ego and our sense of self-worth. So by lowering the expectation and making an excuse, we give ourselves permission to fail because holding that standard high is emotionally difficult.

The good news is that you can get the standard of what you consider to be success raised to its highest level and you can do so without making excuses. It will take some instruction because you need someone who understands how to reverse decades of accepting defeat and lowered standards. It won’t work to just decide to go for that original dream without some mental and spiritual preparation.

Anthony Robbins is uniquely gifted in helping you do those mental and spiritual preparations to start a new chapter in your life. In this chapter, you will set your eyes on that original dream. You will learn ways to deal with setbacks and failures that do not make excuses but also do not have you living in guilt.

Instead you will learn to gain from every change or circumstance and mine from it the lessons to be learned as well as the hidden opportunities that come with setbacks. These are valuable lessons that can change you from someone who makes excuses to one of those phenomenal success stories. It is just a matter of learning how and Anthony Robbins can take you there.

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