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The Right Kind Of Pride Is A Virtue

Is there something you are particularly proud of in your life? Pride in what you have achieved and in who you are is a good thing when it is based on something genuine. It is a positive thing to be able to have qualities of character you can speak well of to others and to believe about yourself. In fact, it is admirable. Don’t be afraid to be proud of who you are. Pride reflects a passion for who you are and for life in general. With the right kind of pride in our lives we can live fully and passionately.

Pride is really the result of being aware of our own personal power. Pride is actually a by-product of our success and in turn strengthens us so that we become even more successful.

Pride can give you the courage to fight for what you want and to refuse to be walked all over. The right kind of pride in who you are and what you represent will help you achieve mastery in your life whereas those who always defer to others live lives of quiet desperation. Pride can give you the gift of personal freedom. It can help you feel more powerful than any difficulty you may confront. It will give you confidence that you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve in life. Nothing will be impossible to you. When you have a sense of personal pride you will not allow yourself to be controlled or limited by other people because you are the master of your own destiny.

Lions roam in prides. The power of their roar and their very attitude reveals their pride in being the “king of beasts.” Not only do they win the game, they eat it. They are the conquerors, not the conquered. Conquerors are the survivors throughout our history and they shape the evolution of mankind. You too, can become a conqueror. Remember, nature rewards the strong and the proud.

In a study of men across a large area of Asia, it was found that eight percent of them were descended from Genghis Khan. Do you realize that your ancestors also live on in you? In fact, you are the result of their pride.

Pride is a natural consequence of honor. We honor people for their great accomplishments and qualities. So, we should also honor ourselves and let others honor us. When we honor others we help them to grow in personal pride. Pride is not a bad thing. It is not arrogant and selfish. It actually means you have a purpose and personal integrity.

Don’t be afraid to feel proud. After all, you have earned the right. You can feel proud that you are alive because nature favors the strong. You can feel proud because you an extraordinary creation called a human being and you are unique. Feel pride in your choices and the direction you are heading, for the destiny that is yours. The right kind of pride will help you become the person you want to be and guide you to a series of successes. True pride is a reflection of greatness.

Have you ever heard someone criticized with words like “he has no personal pride?” It is not a compliment. When you have pride you are living up to certain values and setting a good example in the world. By taking pride in your work, you can build a reputation for excellence that will take you far.

Pride is a cousin to willpower and determination. These qualities create a strong human being, whether male or female. Such a person may at times be demanding but they are also in demand. True pride can motivate us to do our best work and is a quality possessed by those of high character. Individuals who seek to achieve great things for both themselves and others are also proud human beings.

More than anything your personal pride reflects your belief in yourself. You are alive and you have a purpose for being alive. It feels good to live with pride, to have high self esteem and to respect yourself. You deserve to have pride because you are a valuable and worthwhile human being. Living with pride will give you a sense of satisfaction with life and empower you to achieve success.

It may sound simplistic, but it is a lot better to feel happy with yourself than otherwise. Self criticism can wear you down and keep you from being successful but pride in who you are can lift you up and help you do well in life. Let’s face it, no matter where you go you have one constant companion – you. If you have pride in yourself you won’t feel the need to hide from who you are. You will be comfortable in your own skin and happy to spend time with yourself.

Personal pride provides a sense of self confidence that magnetizes you for success. You will attract the things you desire into your life. Let’s face it, you are so wonderful, marvelous and absolutely fantastic that you deserve the good things of life.

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  • Tabs July 28, 2008, 8:27 pm

    Everyone should have a little pride, pride in your accomplishments is key to personal growth. It is when that pride becomes arrogance that it becomes a problem. Pride is essential for self esteem, self confidence and simply adding value to the world. Thanks for a great post.

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