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The Secrets Behind Successful Relationships

Relationships are important to our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. In order for a relationship to be considered “successful” it must stand on a solid foundation. This foundation will allow it to survive even the most complicated of all situations that may arise. In this relationship guide, I will share with you some of the secrets behind successful relationships. If you want to ensure that you and your partner are able to sustain the relationship that you are in together, these unique ingredients will result in a successful formula.

One of the first things that you can do when it comes to keeping a relationship fresh and successful is to be certain that you are open to the feelings and opinions of your partner. In turn, your partner should also be receptive to you. Sharing our feelings, as well as the things that we hold value in is very important. When there is no one else there to share these intimate instances with, your partner should be. Being able to communicate effectively is the main ingredient to each and every single successful relationship. If this area of the bond that you share is affected, you will quickly experience other areas in the relationship that are rough.

It is important to understand that every relationship will experience a crossroads in which there is a difference in feelings, expectations, and opinions. It is not a difference that makes a relationship rocky, it is the inability to recognize and appreciate these differences. The secret to overcoming this is to find a mutual agreement between the both of you. If you are able to do this, you will quickly find that things run smoothly, with little cause for concern. Compromise is an essential when it comes to the secrets behind successful relationships. Knowing and implementing compromise in your relationship can go a long way!

The next ingredient that helps formulate a successful relationship is being able to listen appropriately to your partner. Not only will listening truly allow you to hear what is being said when it comes to your relationship, but it will also allow your partner to be comfortable when it comes to expressing themselves. When your partner speaks, it is important that you allow them to do so. Interrupting them and causing them to become defensive about their unique stand on things can cause a lot of problems. Just instill some basic consideration when it comes to the lines of communication in the relationship, and you will quickly emerge successful and happy.

Remaining positive in the relationship can mean the difference between success and failure. You should always strive to see things in a positive light – including your partner. No one likes a pessimist, or “realist” and many pessimists enjoy calling themselves. Those that are positive and take a unique stand on even the most challenging circumstances are generally easy to approach, talk to, and reside with. If you find that things are getting a bit “rocky” in your relationships, you should change to this frame of mind. You will quickly emerge happier, healthier, and your relationship will truly blossom!

By following the simple steps listed here, you will soon begin to discover that you have a successful relationship that you can be content with. Success is often viewed as being in the “eye of the beholder”, and that is not the way it should be when it comes to relationships. Success should be in the life of the doer. If you are a doer, and want to make things succeed, then they will!

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  • Nicholas Powiull September 7, 2008, 10:33 am

    Every relationship you have with every person you have ever come in contact with has only one purpose, the purpose to show you different parts of your own infinite potential. Relationships are mirrors, to see parts of ourselves that only a mirror can show us.

    The difficulty comes when you try to find yourself and who you are within the other person of a relationship. Relationships are designed for each individual to look within and see more there then what was originally thought. Most people put so much imprecise on the relationship that they forget to go within Self to determine what is true for them and in doing so they make the other person in control of how they feel, what they are willing to see, and how to define who they are. The relationship then becomes about what the other person thinks, says, and does rather then what you think, feel, and say about yourself. The greatest experience and purpose in all of life is to decide and choose who you are but most people leave that deciding to the people they are in a relationship with. It becomes an obsession of needing relationships to determine who you are.

    The solution to this dilemma is to have a relationship first with yourself. The challenge for most people is when they ask the question, “who am I?” and try to get to know themselves from that starting question then they are confronted with a endless possibility of infinite hugeness. That question is so infinitely enormous that the answer cannot be found, save to identify with the saying “I am that I am”. Consequently, the way past this challenge is to begin to move your consciousness and focus within yourself. Know who you are from the inner core of yourself. Ask the question, “who do I choose to be?” and get to know the greatest parts of you, identify within you the essentials that people call compassion, happiness, confidence, wisdom, and sharing. Choose to be the empowering states like the spiritual, inspiring, patient, gentleness, magnificence, and most important of all discover the place inside you that accepts and loves you for everything that you are.

    Thank you for the advice you share. We all have a piece of remembrance. If we all shared what each of us remembers, we would be giving ourselves back to each other. You are definitely doing your part, thank you! 🙂

    Have a Consciously Flexing day,
    ~Nicholas Powiull @ Conscious Flex

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