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The Truth Or The Whole Truth?

As children the majority of us are brought up to be honest and truthful. We are told “don’t tell lies” as we grow into young adults. But will having these morals get us further on in life or even allow us to feel good about ourselves and get a good night of sleep?

How would you respond if I was to say that although being honest and truthful is important, it can have limitations if you stick to this rigidly? After all, every one of us has at some point been asked for our opinion on something. We know deep down inside that to give our absolute honest opinion will not only be undiplomatic but is also likely to cause some distress to the recipient as it may appear to be a criticism. This is one example where we may decide it is in everyone’s interest for us to act, shall we say, tactfully.

We are also taught from many different angles about having a vision of what we want in life. From where you are now this may appear to be seem like sheer dissent to even think about anything else except what you are told by your five senses already exists in your reality on a physical level. When you are visualizing are you really seeing the truth?

Do you doubt that when Michelangelo looked at the great piece of marble that was to later become one of his well known creations he was seeing another truth; that of his finished famous work? In any situation where creativity, invention or architectural work is involved, the use of inspired imagination is definitely required. No building would ever be constructed if an architect were to look at an empty plot of land and say “No, sorry I cannot see anything there but a pile of rocks and rubble” just as Michelangelo’s Angel would never have come to fruition if the truth had been adhered to rigidly.

Take, for another example, a biologist, an arborist, and an artist all stood looking at a particular tree. Three different opinions or viewpoints will be given about the same tree each with their own soundness within the context of each viewer.

The truth also needs to be flexible sometimes for peace and sanity. Have you had a friend or an acquaintance that you have not seen for several years but have held a vision in your mind of how they were when you last saw them? When you meet up again, you find the person completely different to how from ‘the truth’ that you were holding in your mind?

When we hold a judgment of another person we have a tendency to lock them in that exact way of our thoughts. This does not only prove to be a limitation for them but also for us as we will continue to react to them in the same way now as we did when we originally made the judgment. This is known as calibrated behavior within relationships. Families can display this kind of behavior when they react from memories of the past rather than letting go and concentrating on the present and the future.

During interactions with other people or groups being aware of where our responses come from will greatly empower us. Relationships will maintain a healthy footing and differences of opinion will be easily dealt with.

In relationships, be it personal or business we all have the flexibility and ability to see more than one point of view and to therefore avoid being wrapped up in the past. We can do this by accepting the obvious to the five senses and discover from there what is possible to achieve, opening up many marvelous opportunities within our lifetime.

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