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The Underlying Secret of The Secret

Nearly everyone has either seen the movie or read the book, The Secret, by now. Perhaps they have both read the book and seen the movie. Millions of viewers listened to Oprah Winfrey talk about the principles of the Law of Attraction. You can find an abundance of online websites dedicated to The Secret and the Law of Attraction, since it seems to have become a universal fascination.

No doubt, millions of individuals have attempted to follow the directions of getting the Law of Attraction to achieve their hopes and expectations. However, it is probable that many individuals have seen no difference in their current lifestyle situations.

The Law of Attraction works very well, since it is a Universal Law. Physics governs the Law of Attraction, just as it does the Law of Energy, the Law of Matter and the Law of Gravity. Do you remember taking science class, when we slid blocks of wood across the desk or dropped weights down the stairwell? This is where we learned of physics. Physics is the science that explains and governs action and reaction as well as attraction and repulsion.

Since physics is the science that governs the Law of Attraction, as one of the Universal Laws, it does work everywhere, no matter your personal circumstance, if the proper belief, action, vibrations and powers are present.

If this is the case, then why does it seem that many individuals have failed while trying to put the secret to work? It is quite simple; the Law of Attraction has its own little secret that even the promoters did not recognize.

Looking at the majority of individuals involved with The Secret, you discover that many of them are individuals such as Oprah Winfrey, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Dennis Waitley and Bob Proctor as well as many others of like type personalities. Notice if you will, many of these individuals possess a passionate and strong personality, they are not just ordinary individuals, as this would be like comparing a gentle breeze to a hurricane.

Of course, this is not say that ordinary people cannot make the Law of Attraction work for them, as it most certainly will. The Law of Attraction will work for everyone, even those who have tried to make it work for his or her self repeatedly.

All those named above had no need to know the secret behind The Secret, since they are passionate, strong willed individuals who already possess a good self-confidence and drive.

An ordinary individual may want a couple of million dollars, however subconsciously they do not believe they will receive it. Consequently, their subconscious mind will not send forth the proper vibrations for attracting the money to them. Wishing and wanting something is not the same as whole-heartedly believing that you will receive it are two separate issues.

The secret behind The Secret is you have to begin small. If your subconscious mind does not believe you will get something when you ask for it, there is no need to progress further. Rather, you should ask for the simple things first, such as a seat in a crowded bus or subway car, or perhaps finding the perfect parking place at the front of your favorite shopping mall or crowed street.

Using the Law of Attraction can mean rather than buying a lottery ticket and asking to win the jackpot, simply ask for the ten, twenty or fifty dollar prize. These amounts are much easier for your subconscious mind to believe that you deserve them that you have a better chance in making the Law of Attraction work for you. Be thankful right now, just as if it already is yours, while being convinced and passionate about it coming to you.

Once you notice that simple Law of Attraction results such as these are working for you, you then begin working on the larger issues. Do not be impatient or discouraged. Checking the background of the individuals mentioned above will show you that they did not succeed their first time either. Just as any other thing you have accomplished in your life, such as learning to walk, talk and dress yourself or learning to read, write and ride a bike, they all take determination, time, practice and believe to make it happen for you. It is the same when working with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction will work for you too, no matter your current life situation as long as you begin with the small things and convincing yourself that you already have it in your life by being thankful for it. Work passionately in small steps to begin and be sure to give thanks continually for having it in your life, eventually you will notice that the Law of Attraction will work for you as well as anyone else.

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