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True Love

The true source of discovering and receiving fulfilling and satisfying loving relationships lies not from seeking love from another person, but rather, love is first found within ourselves. Our own thoughts, expectations and behaviors determine the quality of love we experience in our lives.

We can recognize true love in that it is always empowering. True love gives with no expectation or demands in return. True love that comes from a place within ourselves expresses concern, kindness and joyfulness. We can know if we are experiencing true love by noticing how we feel. Being needy, experiencing yearnings to control or manipulate someone else, conjuring up intentions or schemes to punish someone because they have disappointed us, constantly finding flaws instead of acceptance, feeling possessive or jealous, or experiencing fright or sadness all weaken and disempower us with fear, resentment, and anger. We can recognize that these feelings are not caused by true love.

These feelings are all generated by seeking to get love from someone else. But we cannot get love by demanding it or trying to force someone to love us. Love is never found with demands or ultimatums. It is impossible to have true love by seeking it from someone else. These feelings make powerless victims out of us so that our happiness is wholly dependent upon someone else behaving in a certain way. These feelings give us a very thin and weak rope upon which to cling. We know that at any moment this rope can be severed, causing us to fall into despair and grief.

If we find ourselves in this situation, the good news is that we need not remain in this vulnerable state that disempowers and weakens us. That is because true love is sourced within ourselves, and as we take steps to meet and get to intimately know this true love that resides within each and every one of us, we are able to discover enormous joy, bliss, comfort, kindness and happiness. We recognize these as empowering feelings that strengthen and nourish us. These feelings produce strong and unbreakable cords that will gently carry us through any obstacles along our way.

As we discover and give energy to this power source of true love that exists within ourselves we will stop seeking love from outside of ourselves. We will know that our source of happiness is not dependent on the behaviors of someone else. We are the only ones that create and own our own happiness. Our own happiness and contentment will cause us to awaken within us thoughts that will cause us to express and give out true love and to receive true love. This true love will be kind, encouraging, comforting, and accepting, all of which empower our lives.

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  • Usiku November 6, 2008, 4:31 pm

    Absolutely right on point with this post.

    True love is not limiting, it’s expansive.
    True love is the spirit breathing.
    True love shows others it’s okay and possible.
    True love is the art of self love.

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