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Understanding The Connection Between Thoughts And Actions

Your thoughts are driven by the way you feel about yourself and the level of your self-esteem, and it’s these thoughts which turn into actions or deeds. The key factors of getting what you want out of life are the actions that you take. Therefore, if you are not reaching your goals and ambitions, take some time to carry out an assessment of how you actually feel about yourself.

Sometimes in order to reach your goals you have to take repeated action and continue doing so without giving in. The determination and drive you need to achieve success can be found in your high self-esteem and personal power.

On the other hand, if you are always criticizing yourself your self-worth will be low and this will make it difficult for you to take the correct actions enabling you to reach your ambitions. This connection between thoughts and actions is what stops you from getting going and is often the cause of surrender.

So what can be done about your self doubt and how can you energize your actions? Positive thinking is a good place to start so give yourself a pat on the back for your lifetime achievements so far.

We have all excelled at something so make a list of your accomplishments and how they came about. What did you do to make them happen? What obstacles did you have to overcome to reach that particular goal? Acknowledging your success to date is a great way to boost your self-confidence. You can then use your list of wins as the foundation to build your success for the future.

Don’t let it slip your mind that there is a distinct connection between what you think and what you do. It’s in your hands to take control of what you are thinking and at times of doubt, get that list out and have another look.

The greatest killer of dreams is thoughts of a negative nature. If you constantly tell yourself you cannot do something, you will reduce your effectiveness and lower your self-esteem to the degree that you will never reach your goals. This is where your list of wins can make you feel positive when such unconstructive thoughts come into your mind.

Try telling yourself that you can do anything if you really want to. Positive thoughts like this will fill you with confidence, make you optimistic and you will then concentrate on the job in hand and make a success of it. Plant positive seeds in your mind and the high esteem you feel will impel you to succeed by getting rid of any doubts or negative thoughts which are preventing you from reaching your goals.

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