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Visualization and Action

A lot of people nowadays are hearing more and more about the power of visualization for achieving their hopes and dreams. They hear about and read about envisioning being with what they want, feeling the excitement of it coming to them, meditating to focus their minds intensely on their desires, programming their subconscious mind to attract into their waking life all they wish for and need.

But then…they are disappointed, they are crushed, when these things don’t come to them. They are very sure they have read the good books and websites, the ones that are recommended. They meditate daily, calming their minds, focusing on their breathing, opening up a clear channel of imagination in which they see all that they want in the room with them, being held in their hands. Yet, not much of anything that they most want is coming to them or manifesting in their lives.

Well, we have talked about what they have done right; we haven’t hit upon what they haven’t done at all. Where is their action? What are they doing to make their dreams and desires manifest? Judging by their results, the answer is nothing.

We live in a kinetic universe. We are creatures of action. That which is alive is animated and crackling with energy It is our nature to take actions. When we do our meditations and visualizations, when we say our affirmations and get ourselves into the state of feeling our desires “comin’ down the pike” right at us, we are also supposed to begin acting in a way that reflects our abundance. Besides having an attitude that is filled with a quiet patience, a knowing of what is going to soon be seen, we also have to listen to our own inner, still, small voice; and when that voice tells us to take a certain action, that is what we are supposed to do.

If you want to be a great classical guitar player, you can visualize yourself playing perfectly, you can mentally imagine hearing yourself making gorgeous guitar music, all you want to; and that is great, and you should do those things. Now, the question is: what is your practice schedule like? Oh, you thought that the guitar was just going to start playing by itself while you imagined playing it? Tell me, how’s that working out for you? It’s not, is it? You’re not playing classical guitar, are you? Of course not: you haven’t taken any action! You aren’t practicing! You aren’t studying how to read music!

You just have to listen to that inner voice that you have. Trust to your instinct and follow the course of action that you feel called or nudged to take. You might be uncertain or hesitant at first; but just keep listening and trying out the action you feel inspired to follow and you’ll get things right soon enough. After you visualize and affirm with words, it’s time to cut to the chase and get on a course of action. It’s in your actions that the magic lies.

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  • Dr. Ron from Zrii November 21, 2008, 3:19 am

    Great insight, Kevin.

    With everything that is swirling around right now with inaccurate and fearful thinking, your message needs to be heard.

    Today I wrote an article called “The mindset of a champion” on my blog.

    Without a proper belief structure it can people can get caught up in the mess.
    Thanks for the attitude.

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