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What Anthony Robbins Teaches about Emotions and Meaning

When you attend an Anthony Robbins seminar, you will come out of that experience with your eyes opened to several new ideas. And probably the best new ideas you will learn from Robbins’ teaching will have to do with how you tick as a person.

The human heart and mind are complicated and many of the reasons we get derailed in life is because of our lack of understanding about how we tick as people. That is one of the real values of learning the principles that come from reading an Anthony Robbins book or hearing him speak. You begin to decipher yourself and in doing so, you get control in ways that were never possible before.

Our emotions are an area that we sometimes have trouble understanding how we can get control of. They come and go under their own set of rules and many times we become slaves to our emotions. You knew before you picked up your first Robbins book that this is a problem. When sudden surges of emotions take over and hinder your work or your time with someone important, that is when we need some methods for becoming the boss of our emotions and not let them boss us around anymore.

Robbins does not teach that we should suppress or get rid of our emotions. Not only would that dehumanize us if that were even possible, it is not even desirable. Our emotions are our control panel to our inner machinery. It is our emotions that surface our true values and what is important to us. Suppressing the emotions would not only cut us off from important information about our priorities, it is dangerous to us as people. To be healthy people, our emotions must have a healthy way of expression and to be part of us every day. The key is to take control of the meaning behind our emotions and in doing so, take control of how our emotions motivate us.

The link between meaning and emotion seems a bit odd when you first hear it. But the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Our emotions are tied to what we value and what is important to us. Therefore, we will get emotional about what impacts on our own family but not about what happens to other people’s family. Also, our emotions are linked to our ambitions in life. So if I am frustrated in my goals at work, that causes anger, despair, frustration and other negative emotions but if I see things “going my way”, strong positive emotions will arise.

Maybe the biggest breakthrough of Anthony Robbins teachings about the linkage of meanings and emotions is that this knowledge gives us power to control our emotions. This is not by trying to suppress our natural instincts but by understanding the priorities and areas of personal devotion that cause emotions to come to the surface, sometimes inappropriately.

This can happen easily at work. It is good to be ambitious for your personal goals at work. But when you place a high value or meaning on your personal ambitions so much so they conflict with the ambitions of peers at work, conflicts can arise. By understanding how this works, you can mitigate your ambitions by seeing that your own career goals must also be balanced with the goals of the company and of your co-workers. By beginning to see them as partners and friends and not competitors, you capture control of the emotions that may have lead to ugly outbursts in the past.

You can apply this principle to any area where emotion is hurting your progress in life or causing you pain or embarrassment rather than joy and the power emotion can give you to accomplish your dreams. Many of Anthony Robbins’ teachings help us become the boss of not only what emotions we feel but what we feel emotional about. Doubtless getting that control over this volatile part of your personality may be one of the most powerful benefits you can get from any of Anthony Robbins outstanding teachings.

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