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What Are The Steps To Realize Your Dream?

target_wDreams are what make our lives on Earth more meaningful, more exciting and more fulfilling. After all, without dreams, we can either become robots following a set of rigid rules or animals operating on pure instinct! What good is there in living our short time on Earth that way? Thus, when you have determined that you need to dream, you can adopt the following steps to realize your dream, whatever it may be. Just keep in mind that dream realization requires passion, persistence and perseverance, all of which will come from deep inside your inner self.

Determine Your Dream

When you want to achieve your dream, you must determine exactly what your dream is. Do you want professional success? Do you want a happy love life? Do you want a contented family life? Do you want to travel to an exotic place? Do you want to explore the deepest oceans? Do you want to blast off into space?

You have to define in definite terms your dream simply because you cannot achieve something that is not there in the first place. You can use general terms in doing so – wealth and prosperity, love and laughter, rest and relaxation.

Of course, in your life, you will have many dreams. This is alright just as long as you can define your dreams clearly. And when we say your dreams, we mean that your dreams are dictated by no one but yourself. Keep in mind that dream realization requires personal passion, of which dictation from others completely defeats the purpose of dreaming.

Provide Substance to Your Dream

Now that you have defined your dream in general terms, you must then provide substance to it. This simply means providing the small but important details that make up your dream life. Think of it as the movie in your mind that comes complete in Technicolor palette, Dolby surround sound, and 3D images.

When you provide substance to your dream, you are also outlining the steps, people, things, events and time frame that must come together in your quest to realize it. You can use the SMART method of providing substance and planning your dream in relation to the abovementioned factors, thus:

* Specific – You must be as specific as possible especially where the steps are concerned.
* Meaningful – Your dream must provide meaning to your life, not to mention that it must be stated in measurable terms.
* Attainable – You can dream big, yes, but make sure that it is within human reach.
* Rewarding – Your dream must be such that the mere thought of achievement will provide motivation to pursue it despite all odds.
* Time Bound – You must set a time frame within which you will achieve your dream. This way, you are more motivated to pursue it since a deadline is approaching.

If you know how to apply creative visualization in dream realization, then you are in luck because this process will definitely help in your cause. Plus, it is a big factor in success when you perform a thorough self-assessment to determine your assets and liabilities, both material and personal, in relation to your dreams. And do put your dream and its corresponding plans into writing. This way, you have tangible way to touch base with it.

Live the Dream

When you have established the various details of your dream it is now time to actually live it! You must live on it, breathe with it, and exist through it until such time that you have achieved it. In other words, apply passion, persistence and perseverance to the attainment of your dreams.

There will be challenges and concerns along the way, which can only be expected although you must admit that these only make the quest more exciting and more fulfilling. You must roll with the punches for indeed there are some things in life that you cannot control. Just keep your eye on the prize and carry on living your dream.

When you have achieved your dream, enjoy it for indeed you deserve it. Just don’t forget to share your success with the people who have helped you to get to where you are now, especially those who lent a helping hand.

In conclusion, always remember that dreaming is an easy task to do especially as we are gifted with an imagination that takes us to the deepest oceans and the farthest universe. The important part is that you actually do something, anything to achieve your dreams.

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