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What is Spirituality and What Does it Have to Do with Success and Self-Improvement?

Is there a connection between spirituality, success and self-improvement? The answer is yes. In India for instance, people there believe that spirituality gives you strength so you will think positive all the time thus becoming a better person and achieving success.

spiritual_w1Before we go any deeper, we first have to discuss what spirituality is. Most of us know this simply as an attachment to religious values. You can be a Christian, a catholic or a Buddhist. The point is that you believe that a God or spiritual being exists.

Some might ask, isn’t there a conflict when no-one has seen God’s face? But great thinkers and regular people don’t have to see it when they can feel the awesome power. That may be strange to people who are atheists but whether we like it or not, there are certain events that happen and there is no way to explain how it happened.

How does spirituality then relate to success and self-improvement? The best way to explain it is to say that your life here on earth is a journey. That means there is a path and as you travel, you will make choices where some are good and some are bad. Fortunately, there is a way for you to go back to the right path to have a change in attitude and approach in life.

You don’t have to say a chant hundreds of times to become a better person. All you have to do is learn and then practice spiritual exercises like Yoga or meditation.

What is yoga? It is an exercise that enables your mind, body and spirit to become one. During a session, you concentrate and hold various positions for a certain amount of time before moving to the next pose. One of the benefits of this exercise is to improve your flexibility because it is a low impact workout.

Meditation is similar to yoga but there are different ways to do it. You can meditate while you are walking, sitting down or staring at a flame. It helps develop insight into your subconscious where our attitudes, behavior, feelings and perceptions are located and if you are able to harness it, you can understand yourself better.

Both of these techniques have been practiced for hundreds of years. In fact, there are centers here in the US that teaches this to students. Keep in mind that you will not learn everything there is to know overnight and doing it regularly opens your gateway to spiritual exploration.

There are many benefits for people who practice it. For one, you will be able to see the bigger picture rather than the small one which gets many of us stressed out. This enables you not to sweat the small stuff and figure out a way out.

Apart from thinking positive, spiritual exercises makes you content or thankful for what you have instead of harboring feelings of anger, anxiety, greed, hatred and jealousy towards yourself and others. You might even get the determination to strive for more which is a good thing so you can also be proud of what you have accomplished.

It is also possible that you will feel younger because one study has shown that people who have practiced this for years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age. The results of the test were based on the test subject’s auditory discrimination, blood pressure and eyesight.

You might be wondering, how long you have to meditate to achieve self-improvement or success. Ideally, you should meditate for about 15 minutes daily but you can extend it a little longer for about an hour. When you are done, you will feel refreshed to take on anything no matter how small or big the problem is.

Self-improvement and success is a continuous struggle and if you don’t want the competition to one day takeover, you have to take steps so you are always the man on top. To make this happen, you have to focus and channel your energy because this is the only way that you will achieve personal empowerment that will lead to change.

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