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Why You Changing Your Life is Good for Your Kids

family_wOne of the great values that you get from learning the principles taught by Anthony Robbins is how to focus on what really matters to you in life and to set your priorities correctly. But there is a disconnect between understanding what your priorities are and being able to do something about them. Too often we give lip-service to the areas of life that deserve most of your attention and giving those areas priority time and energy every day.

This is especially true when it comes to your family and raising kids. If you wrote the top five priorities in your life, your children and family life would rank high in that short list. Most of us are concerned about our children. Worry about whether you are doing a good job being mom or dad ranks as one of the biggest concerns most adults worry about every day.

We know the best thing you can do for your kids is to give them not only your quality time but quantity time with you. If you could plug in with your children for several hours a day, you would understand them better and be better able to speak to their hopes and fears and guide them at each stage of their lives. Also, if the communication lines were stronger with your kids, you would not worry as much about whether you were doing a good job as a parent because you would know what is going on with your children. And that is what good parents do.

As odd as it may seem, the answer to how to fix the problem of real versus real priorities may lie in the teachings of Anthony Robbins. The heart of what Robbins teaches is first to understand and document what your real priorities are in life. But Robbins doesn’t stop there. Instead, he goes to the next level of identifying what are the enemies of your time and what is getting in the way of making your stated priorities your real priorities which get your quality time each day.

If you evaluate each hour of your day, you know what is robbing you of your time. Of course, you do have to do your job and take care of the concerns of life. But what Robbins teaches is that we often allow hobbies, social engagements that do not contribute to our core priorities and distractions to take away from the time we give to what is important including time with your kids.

A good example is phone calls. Suppose you set aside two hours to just be with your children to play with them, help them with their homework or talk to them about things that are on their minds. But that phone just keeps on ringing. Each time it rings it might be a member of your parents association, someone from the church, a solicitor or someone else who wants fifteen minutes of your evening for what is to you a non-priority conversation. But you can make a decision that the only kinds of phone call that will get any of your priority time are emergencies. By investing in a simple caller ID system, you can know who is calling you. And then you just need the discipline not to answer calls that are not emergencies during the hours you have set aside for your kids.

By using tools and the discipline you learn from Anthony Robbins, you can give your children the time they deserve from you. And when you do that and you become the parent you want to be, your life will change and so will your children’s lives for the better. That is a wonderful outcome of learning the power of focus from Anthony Robbins teachings.

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