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You Have to Know What You Want Before You Can Get It

The catch phrase for the positive thinking movement is to seek “the mind of the millionaire”. In theory what this means is that by learning the concepts of how to focus our positive emotions and thoughts, we too could achieve the same wealth that millionaires know. It is regrettable that so much of what the culture knows about some of the great teaching that is part of this movement, such as the writings of Anthony Robbins, is focused on that narrow goal of becoming a millionaire.

What that catch phrase really brings to light and what Anthony Robbins focuses on his writings and seminars is that we can harness the power of the mind to become goal driven and to develop the focus to achieve our hopes and dreams. Putting it that way makes the temptation to become more informed about what Anthony Robbins really teaches much more interesting. While none of us would turn down the chance to be independently wealthy, which is what “becoming a millionaire” really means, financial wealth is not all there is to using the force of your ability to focus your mind to achieve your dreams and to fulfill your destiny.

What Anthony Robbins really teaches is that we all have certain high ambitions and “dreams” that we may have once held as our destiny in life. But sometimes life with its trials and tribulations combined with failures and set backs have caused those dreams to fade and we have replaced those dreams with excuses and come to “settle for” something less than what we deserve and what we can achieve if we can recapture that dream and the passion to go after it.

It isn’t enough though to just set out on this quest to “fulfill your destiny” because that kind of platitude is not specific enough to set off your internal focus and dedication to keep pushing past diversions and set backs and sustain the focus until you achieve success. To energize that process, you need to put some flesh and blood on that dream and get specific about what success really means to you.

For one thing, knowing specifically what your goal is the first step toward knowing how to get there. Part of the process of making a far away goal become a reality in your life is an exercise called visualization. Through visualization, you literally create a very vivid mental image of how you see your goal or your deepest wish to come true. There are two big values to the exercise of visualization. The first is that when you can “see” the object of your ambitions, it becomes real in your mind and in your thoughts and emotions. That reality is the first step of bringing that goal or dream to concrete reality. In other words, if you can visualize it, that is the first step of making it real.

The second value that visualization can bring to you is that when you can put specific and detailed imagery to your goal in life, the path to getting there often becomes very clear. When you know what you want and you know that to some degree of detail, the differences between your life now and how life will be when you have realized you dream become vividly clear. Often there is a moment when your visualization reaches a sufficient level of detail that suddenly the path between you and success becomes so clear to you that you can (and should) take a piece of paper and create a step by step plan to get you from where you are to the realization of that dream.

Once you have that broad plan of attack, each step takes on greater and greater detail. Of course, the step toward success that you need the most detail about is the first step. But when you see how to start down the road to success, you can easily create the task steps that will take you from where you are to the completion of that first step. Whether that means simply registering for some classes at the junior college or preparing to sell your home so you can move to the place where your dream to come true, visualization helps you make your plan which you can then carry out systematically as you drive toward that ultimate goal.

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