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Making Hypnosis Work

To understand hypnosis and to make it work, you have to believe that beliefs are what hypnosis is all about. In other words, by believing and using your own imagination, change can occur. The bottom line no matter how you color it, is that hypnosis is a skill, something that can be learned by anyone. The problem and the number one reason hypnosis will not work for some people is that they have yet to unlock their own personal power. These individuals are typically skeptical, fearful, and afraid to believe that they can use hypnosis as a tool for making change.

A person’s belief system is established during childhood years. From the parents, siblings, friends, teachers, environment, and situations, we are all programmed to believe certain things. While some of the things are predisposed, not all are. Because of that, we all have a lot of control over what choices we make and what things we believe. For hypnosis to work, a person has to believe that it will work.

Since hypnosis is a process or technique that takes the mind on a wonderful journey, the person must be open to allowing that to happen. In plain English, if an individual goes to see a hypnotists or hypnotherapist but has strong thoughts that this is phony and will never work, then chances are they are right. However, if the individual believes they have power over themselves and that this technique will better them, then it will.

If you have positive beliefs, thinking and believing loving, good, and nurturing things, then that is the way you will see the world. You are the type of person that believes hypnosis is going to help you through whatever challenge you face. On the other hand, if you have thoughts and beliefs that are negative, such as failure, abandonment, loss, and rejection, then a hypnotist or hypnotherapist probably cannot break those barriers so change can occur.

Keep in mind that if your beliefs are generally negative, then you can modify and change so that hypnosis would help. The way in which you view hypnosis will relate directly to your individual beliefs about life in general. For some reason, many people still think about hypnosis and immediately begin to feel as if they would lose control or reveal intimate secrets. The truth is that true hypnosis is not the televisions shows you have probably seen where people are made to walk around like chickens. That type of hypnosis is merely entertainment and nothing more.

The important thing to remind yourself when it comes to the technique of hypnosis is that this is neither bad nor good, nor is it right or wrong. The problem with hypnosis is that you cannot see, hear, touch, or taste it. Therefore, you must allow the mind they believe that it simply is. Another problem is that the word “hypnosis” comes from the Greed word, “Hypnos”, which means to sleep. Therefore, people think they are going to be placed in a deep trance, thereby having no control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With hypnosis, you are not sleeping and you will not be made to do stupid things. Instead, hypnosis is a state of concentrated relaxation, something we do hundreds of times each day without even knowing it. For instance, have you ever been sitting at your desk, looking out our window and all of the sudden, you are at the lake fishing, shopping with a friend, or soaking up the sun in Barbados? If so, then you have just experienced the very essence of hypnosis.

With hypnosis, you are not asleep or unconscious. While in this state, you are in a place where your mind can become detached about the things you normally worry about or stress over. This means you also allow a part of the mind to go into the subconscious where it can respond to suggestions, rather than trying to make things happen with the conscious mind.

As you find yourself in this heightened state, the hypnotist or hypnotherapist would offer suggestions, which are called posthypnotic suggestions that are responded to effortlessly. When in this program, your mind absorbs the suggestions and then when in your normal conscious state of mind, the suggestions are carried out. Therefore, to make hypnosis work for you, you have to start by believing it will. With this, by working with a qualified professional, you will have a much better chance to get past the obstacles in your life that have been causing you trouble.

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