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Power Of Suggestion

The key to hypnosis working, whether through the assistance of a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, or through self-hypnosis, is the power of suggestion. The interesting thing about the power of suggestion is that it has been scientifically proven. Having been demonstrated time after time in every field of human behavior and medicine, we know that the power of suggestion is incredible and it works. In helping people conquer some tough situations, the power of suggestion had been proven effective.

For example, let us say you have been dealing with depression for more than two decades. You tried antidepressants and traditional therapy but without success. At your wits end, you hear about hypnosis and the power of suggestion. Because you have reached the point of exhaustion, your subconscious mind is prepped and ready to accept change. However, for that change to occur, positive suggestions must be given. Once those suggestions are received and believed to be true by the subconscious mind, things begin to change.

The important thing about the power of suggestion is that in addition to being positive and properly formulated, these suggestions must also be tailored specific to your individual needs. Most often, when you work with a licensed professional, they will take time with you to learn your goals so the appropriate induction can be prepared. If you decide to use self-hypnosis, the suggestions you use will charge your subconscious image about yourself. With that, change also comes behavioral change.

With self-hypnosis, the more you work with the tapes you receive, the more comfortable you will become in dealing with all types of situations that you want to change. As an example, if you were battling shyness, as you begin to overcome this problem, you will find yourself more comfortable and confident in situations with other people. With this, you will begin to assert yourself, reclaiming your rights. In other words, you overcome the shyness while also gaining confidence, composure, and self-worth.

Keep in mind that with the power of suggestion does not change the person you are but it brings out the best in the person you are. Typically, with hypnosis, you notice subtle changes, changes in the way in which you handle social situations with more confidence or the way in which you intermingle with other people. Remember, and sometimes, you may need to remind yourself of this – there is nothing wrong you’re your current personality. All you need is to learn how to be more natural with yourself and around other people, which is exactly how hypnosis can help.

With self-hypnosis tools, you will learn invaluable information for overcoming shyness, depression, smoking, excessive weight, or whatever the case may be. You will be walked through the process in easy-to-follow steps to success. Most people that use hypnosis by a professional or self-hypnosis will tell you that they feel better almost immediately, almost as if a heavy burden has been lifted. For fast change, you will learn about imagery and other tools.

The power of suggestion is a form of relaxation that not only walks you through a change but also a quiet time during which you can teach yourself personalized suggestions, as well as image rehearsals. You will be amazed at how much better hypnosis will make you feel. Very quickly, you will discover that you have a much better outlook on your situation as well as life in general, which is why the power of suggestion is so incredible.

Just remember that the power of suggestion must be in a positive tone, never negative. For example, if you were trying to stop smoking, you would not use suggestions such as “Stop smoking because it causes lung cancer” or “Stop smoking because you will breathe better”. Instead, say things like, “Stop smoking so you can enjoy a long, healthy life” or “Stop smoking so you can take long walks in the park or play on the beach”. Can you see the difference? Then, the power of suggestion must be repeated so the subconscious mind can begin to believe what it is hearing.

Once the subconscious mind hears and understands the power of suggestion, it’s like a light goes off and now the information is received. Just remember that a number of things can happen that could slow or stop the effectiveness of suggestions. Therefore, your job is to minimize risk of triggering any of those things, as well as use only positive suggestions. With this, hypnosis can and will be successful.

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  • maricar viray November 19, 2009, 12:39 pm

    please help me in my thesis requirements in school, its all about power of suggestion. my title for now is “the Effect of type of coffee in the mindset of selected adult through power of suggestion. can u give me a example of thesis like that, can u give me some advise regarding in my thesis.. please,,.. kindly send in my email address.. thank you very much… I hope for kindly consideration.

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