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What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

autumnleaf_wIf you were to ask 100 people what they believe hypnosis feels like, the majority would say, “the sense of floating”, “being asleep”, or “totally unaware of surroundings”. In truth, people who are hypnotized are very much aware of what is being done and said, hearing each word spoken. In fact, unless the person was to go into an extremely deep state of hypnosis, he or she would not feel any different from right now. If you have been thinking about hypnosis but have concerns that you will drift off somewhere and never return or fall into a trance whereby you are unaware of activity, then you have nothing to worry about because hypnosis is nothing like that at all.

When being hypnotized by a hypnotherapist or hypnotist, or if being hypnotized by self-hypnosis, you are lying down or reclining in your favorite, overstuffed chair. Most experts would tell you that you feel as if you have just settled in and now, you are watching a movie or reading a great book. The only real sense of “feeling” that you might have is an overall calm, mellow, or weightlessness. Again, if you do slip into a deeper state that you might feel as if you had a few drinks but without the fuzziness, headache, or other side effects. With hypnosis, there is an almost euphoric sense or peace and tranquility.

The interestingly thing is that you could be in a very light state, actually communicating with the hypnotist or hypnotherapist and not even realize you are hypnotized. Because of this, when you work with a professional, that person needs to be specially trained to understand preinduction discussion, with after hypnosis discussion. In other words, you want a professional that will not just ramble on about nonsensical things but be using the conversation during this “light” time as preinduction, setting the state of hypnosis so to speak. That way, you are gradually brought to the level where you need to be for your goal to e achieved.

The thing to remember with hypnosis is that when in a hypnotic state, certain abilities are improved. For example, your ability to recall memories, be creative, responsiveness, and imagery are all expanded. If you were in a very, light hypnotic state that does not mean you would not respond to suggestions being made by the hypnotist or hypnotherapist. However, experts believe that when the subconscious mind is taken into a deeper state, these abilities are strengthened even further, which means the hypnosis can be a greater success. For some people, this ability makes hypnosis appealing while for others, it raises questions of concern. However, you can be assured that when done by a professional, hypnosis is worthwhile, not scary, and not dangerous.

The problem is that Hollywood has glamorized hypnosis for years, making people believe you fall into this deep trance, lose all consciousness, and do whatever the hypnotist wants you to do. This misnomer has pushed many people away from trying hypnosis, which is a real shame. When done correctly and by an expert who has proper training and credentials, hypnosis can help you overcome all types of problems. As an example, if you have been trying to lose weight but cannot change the numbers on the scale, hypnosis can help change that. If you want to stop smoking, again, hypnosis can help. If you suffer from some severe illness and the pain is too much to bear, hypnosis can bring you much-needed relief.

The best thing for anyone interested in being hypnotized is to educate themselves first. Therefore, if this is something you have been considering, go out to get some reputable books such as “Hypnotism Today” by LeCron & Bordeaux to understand exactly what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it feels. Chances are that you will be amazed at what this method can do. Another great book that can enlighten you about hypnosis is called “Hypnotherapy” by Dave Elman.

Although hypnosis has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, it is something coming back to life, as more and more people begin to understand that you do have feeling and control. Today, many leading experts in hypnosis have written books or put together videos and/or tapes to teach people just like you what hypnosis is all about. Most people who are hypnotized will tell you the experience was nothing but positive. You too will find that you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and recharged. As well as your original problem melting away, you will likely feel better overall, both physically and mentally.

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