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Big Talk Training Course – Worth Looking At!

Joshua Uebergang’s Big Talk starts off in a strange way. The first two chapters is what distinguishes big talk from small talk and is what forms of foundations to win friends with the real you.

Joshua use to be an anti-social nerd who had no idea how to approach, talk, and make friends. He tried everything popular out there, from small talk and self-help, even therapy and hypnosis, but he still hung around what few friends he had at parties instead of meeting and talking with new people.

After years of learning, practicing, and developing new theories, he transformed himself and so can you even if you’re afraid of people, have mind blanks, and get tongue-tied – all problems the author had, which the system he developed solved. Uebergang, also called the “Tower of Power”, shows you how to confidently talk in an effortless way.

The book begins by teaching you how to connect with yourself. Based on Jungian psychology, Uebergang, reveals that we are disconnected from people because we are disconnected with ourselves. You learn how to connect with your full, real self – not based on new-age thinking, but proven psychology – to effortlessly make friends. Once you do this, you’ll find yourself feeling comfortable with anyone and more happy in life and your relationships. Your positive emotions will then infect your conversational partners to make them addicted to your presence.

Most people have no problem talking and connecting to friends, yet when it comes to strangers, we fill with anxiety and our minds freeze over with what to say. Big talk can probably be best understood as that same feeling you have when talking with friends. Imagine being comfortable and talkative around strangers more so than you are now with friends? The Big Talk Training Course can put you into a comfortable state of effortlessly talking with strangers.

The third chapter covers fear. This will interest a lot of readers. If you fear attending parties, meeting new people, and socializing, this chapter is gold. Your shown the truth about fear; practical techniques to control tension, sweating, and anxiety in your body; and how to bring your mind out of the past or future into the present moment. This section holds the true secrets to confidently, comfortably, and courageously meet and talk with people – in fact, the principles are secret to making you confident in any area of life like public speaking, telling people what you want, and changing careers.

In the fourth chapter, Uebergang takes you into the more practical side of conversation skills. A lot of previous advice is practical, which makes it so life-changing, but the chapter begins the big talk model that melts any conversation into four phases. Uebergang says, “Conversations have a predictable structure.” Big Talk literally breaks down what most people feel to be random events in a conversation, into a scientific, formulaic approach anyone can copy so you’re sociable and talkative to make friends even if you can’t start a conversation.

The next few chapters covers the rest of the big talk model as your shown how to easily start conversation, move through the “shift phase” of a conversation (the moment after your conversation starter most people find awkward), and into an conversation where you effortlessly keep talking. You’re given so many practical techniques that can help the most anti-social person become the life of any party, talk with customers, and make friends with co-workers. If you combined several books on conversation skills and small talk, you couldn’t get the jammed-packed advice you receive in Big Talk.

Even though what’s been shared with you so far is more than what you get in several courses combined, you’re given more advice! The next section shows you fundamental conversation skills that make you a people magnet. Your shown how to make great first and last impressions, deal with rude people and awkward situations, and use your body language. You’re shown how to make your smile real, build a sexy voice, use touch with 12 rules, unconsciously become friendly with open body language, and eliminate the top 10 body language mistakes you’re probably making in conversations.

One of the last chapters shows you how to enter that effortless state called “flow”, also known as “being in the zone”, in conversations. This is a psychological principle popularly studied in sports that gets applied to conversations as you discover how to talk and make time seem like it flies. The book’s subtitle “Effortlessly Talk to Win Friends with the Real You” is spot on! You’re really shown how to effortlessly talk to win friends with the real you.

The Big Talk Training Course also comes with a workbook. The Big Talk Workbook makes the course more doable. There are over 20 exercises that get you using the advice so you transform your conversations and social life. You’re guaranteed to make more friends and enjoy conversations – no matter if you’re afraid of talking to people like the author once was.

Big Talk is a really one-of-a-kind, comprehensive training course. There are so many deep, psychological principles and practical techniques uniquely developed in the book that makes it the Bible of transforming the most anti-social nerd into a relaxed, fun, talkative, and friendly person.

Forget trying to talk to people with small talk. Make big talk! It’s highly recommended. Get Big Talk today by clicking here!

Conversation secrets to make people like you and become popular

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  • JOANNA February 3, 2010, 2:57 am

    Hullo Joshua,
    I am very grateful for the information you are providing to me. I am from Uganda and I would like to purchase the Big Talk book and the Big Talk work book but I wonder if there is any particular bookshop that sells these and any other of your books. Please let me know because I need to improve my life style Sooner.
    Thank you once again,

    • Kevin February 3, 2010, 3:11 am

      The book and workbook are only available from Joshua’s site. You can order from there. Here’s the link again – Big Talk

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