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Communication Secrets of Powerful People

This is a review of Joshua Uebergang’s communication skills program “Communication Secrets of Powerful People“.

The author, Joshua, used to be an 8 hour-a-day computer gaming addict. He’d spend most of his day playing computer games and so his communication skills greatly suffered. The program contains the 12 communication barriers he discovered and formulated from the many books, audio programs, articles, and personal experiences that smashed down the most common problems people have in their communication.

The meat of the program is a book titled “Communication Secrets of Powerful People: How to Smash the 12 Communication Barriers of Relationships to Be a Charismatically Persuasive People Magnet”. In this book are the 12 communication barriers people use that blocks them from persuading, becoming charismatic, and building strong relationships.

Some of the 12 communication barriers are not so surprising (like criticism), but others shocked me. The not so surprising principles reminded me to implement them in my life (other valuable advice and techniques were also given for successfully doing so).

One of the shocking secrets was praise. Joshua teaches that things like compliments and encouragement often come off as manipulative and controlling. By knowing how to correctly praise and harness its powers, which he teaches, you are able to successfully give praise to others and boost their self-esteem, confidence, security, and mood. This makes you more charismatic and gets people liking you more.

The barriers are split into three sections: 1) judging, 2) solving, and 3) avoiding. The 12 barriers in these 3 sections prevent you from building rock-solid relationships, changing people’s minds, and boosting your charisma. Once the barriers get removed, you connect with people like they have never experienced before. There is true power in the communication barriers.

Joshua also offers an interesting bonus that complements the program nicely. The bonus is a workbook that helps get you maximum results. In it are worksheets and more than 40 exercises to “put rubber on the road” so you quickly develop powerful communication skills. Most communication books are impractical, but this program is all about helping you improve your communication for permanent change.

Overall, the program is the highest quality communication skills program I’ve ever seen online. It has taken Joshua over 1000 hours to develop. It contains hundreds of research-proven communication strategies blended into a professional writing style not seen in most ebooks.

I highly recommend the program. You can check it out by clicking here now.

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