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3 Dirty Secrets to Start Conversations

I have a special gift for you today.

Joshua Uebergang, known as the “Tower of Power”, teaches people how to win friends and influence people. He has given me permission to send you a part of his book called Big Talk: Effortlessly Talk to Win Friends with the Real You! I loved it and know you will too!

Below, Joshua reveals 3 dirty secrets to start conversations. Why are they “dirty”? Because these unconsciously make people start a conversation with you! Cool, uh?

Forget learning conversation starters and studying the newspaper for hours to find things to talk about when you can use this advice that makes people walk up to you and want to talk to you.

Become a people magnet with the advice Joshua has kindly let me share with you… Here it is…

We do not go to parties, bars, or networking events thinking, “I hope I talk to no one”. Humans are social creatures and want to socialize.

“Don’t assume that when you go to a party people aren’t going to talk to you. That’s nonsense,” said Jeremy Milnes, the confidence coach on British television dating series Would Like To Meet, “What are parties for? They are where people go to meet other people. It’s vital to have this mindset when you enter the room.”

People want to talk to you, but they are probably afraid to approach you. They could be more freaked out about conversing with strangers than you because they have not learned big talk secrets.

It is the paradox of vulnerability: we act like we have got it together, but in reality we are all freaked out. (Sometimes revealing vulnerability is a great way to open a conversation, “Hey. I don’t know anyone here so I was hoping to talk with you… Do you know anyone here?”)

In some situations, you do not need to approach. People can approach you – and you can influence them. The dirty secrets to start conversations make people approach and are not a way out of starting conversations yourself.

While I believe you need to proactively approach people, the techniques make you look easy to talk to as they pull a person towards you who otherwise would never approach. You do people a favor when you subliminally motivate them to talk with you with the following three tricks.

The First Dirty Secret

The first technique is to open your body language. Open body language is positive body language.

Open your palms by having the front of your hands face people.

Don’t hold a drink in front of you; lower it to your waist or hold it at your side.

When sitting, lean forward and keep your legs uncrossed.

When standing, point your feet outwards and have a confident posture.

Open nonverbal signals unconsciously motivate people to approach.

The Second Dirty Secret

Second, have a good time. Relax. Smile. Laugh. Your positive state pulls people towards you.

The Third Dirty Secret

Third, wear a unique item. These are your big talk people magnets. Your big talk people magnet provides delectable bait for people to bite to start a conversation. Until you try this technique, you will never know the surprising number of people who want to talk to you, but do not because they have nothing to start a conversation.

The item you wear depends on the event. I recommend you try to get an item on your head then work your way down the body because people see your face first. Another point to note is that a comment on earrings is more socially acceptable than stockings. Possible big talk people magnets include:

* Earrings and other piercings
* Jewelery
* Eyeglasses – the more casual, the more outrageous you can be
* Tattoos – people love asking what a tattoo means so make sure its meaning is
something you want the conversation to move towards
* Unusual hair – it could be a hair cut, hair color, or even words in your hair
* A pinned item on your shirt or top
* Slogan shirts
* A baby or dog – these can be more trouble than they are worth in conversations

No matter what big talk people magnet you select, make sure you know how to talk about it. Use the routine formula [a formula discussed in the book Big Talk that lets you effortlessly talk about something in particular] to develop an interesting story that includes important facts about the item.

If you follow this advice, before you know it, people will approach you and the conversation is quickly and easily underway! What a simple to way to meet strangers and make friends.

If people are not flocking to you like a popular celebrity, you will need to approach them with some powerful conversation starters.

To learn some great conversation starters that can make you friends and other conversational techniques that’ll have you effortlessly talking to win friends, go read more about Joshua’s book where the above tips were directly taken from. Just go to: http://towerofpower.com.au/

I believe Joshua’s book is the best one-of-a-kind, comprehensive training you can get to confidently approach people, start talking to them, and make them friends! I highly recommend it!

P.S. Discover more “lazy techniques” to effortlessly talk to strangers and turn them into friends by directly going to: http://towerofpower.com.au/

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