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How to Handle the Pygmalion Effect

Ovid wrote of Pygmalion, who loved an ivory statue he carved so much, she came to life. He saw her as a living thing and it came to be. It’s called self-fulfilling prophesy, which affects everything because reality is bendable to our will.

It’s been found that the expectations of teachers has a direct effect on the performance of students. In class, the students thought of highly by the teacher did well, and the ones thought of negatively by the teacher did poorly. It is called the Pygmalion Effect, where the influence of someone taking authority dictates what is real. The phenomenon spreads beyond just the relationships between teachers and students. Let us understand it, so that we can know how to take control of our own lives.

Truth is only an agreed upon defined set of rules used for playing a game. There are various groups of people playing various games. They believe their game is the only thing life is about. They have gotten lost in their game and forgotten that there are no real rules and no truth. Truth exists only in the limited mindset.

Everything is possible because there are no absolutes. So you can put the Pygmalion Effect, including the Greek myth in the realm of Quantum Physics. Imagination IS Creation… the Power of Playfulness in the Cosmic Dance.

To criticize someone just because they are participating in a different game from you right now means you are lost in your illusion. Everything is an illusion and so there is no right and wrong, or good and bad way. Death is an illusion, life is an illusion, light is an illusion.

It all springs from the undefined unknowable mysterious darkness, the void of nothingness. We have been conditioned to be afraid of it, afraid of the unknown, and afraid of being nothing.

Attachment and ego make us think things are important, that appearances are important, and that makes us feel bad when we are criticized by people who want to control us with their game. Just remember that theirs is not the only game in the universe.

You can build yourself a bigger and better game or choose not to play any game at all. A polarized society likes to use labels and thinks things have to be a certain way. Certainty is a lie! Trust in change and be open to anything.

We are here to learn, gain and share knowledge and experiences. Teachers are also students and teachers should be able to learn from their students. Take from teachers what you find useful. Be influenced by them if they are worthy, but not dominated by them.

A very great teacher named Socrates actually admitted that he knows nothing. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5, by Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, under the pen name of William Shakespeare.

Let go of the limitation of so-called knowledge. Knowledge cannot be real, otherwise it would not keep changing all the time.

It is not uncommon for the worst to become the best, the last to become the first, the shyest to become the most outspoken, the ugliest to become the most beautiful, the autistic to become the genius discoverer of a breakthrough to understanding, people who have been told they would never amount to anything bloom to become a huge success, the misfit to become recognized as the leader to a better way.

There is no limit to what you can do or how great you can be, despite anything! Everything, including inanimate objects can be brought to life. It’s all a matter of consciousness, imagination, and letting love be your singular over-ruling passion. You be Pygmalion and your body your sculpture. You need not go outside or on far off travels to find yourself or who you are, go within and create who you wish to be.

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