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Improve Your Ability To Improve

Self Improvement books and courses are all around us, and the choice is absolutely outstanding. You can choose anything from communication skills to Hypnosis and even courses in subjects such as neuro-linguistic programming if your that way inclined.

But what about improving our study skills?

Improving study skills takes, first, a true desire. You may not be the most academic of individuals, or you will have acceptable scores and grades but still feel disorganized, so the idea behind improving study skills here is first and foremost to empower yourself…by wanting to improve!

This means that you must next consider what works for YOU not what somebody else may think.

First figure out what makes you successful. Think about the times when you did do well. What study habits did you use? Focus on ways you found studying enjoyable and try and bring these practices into any new learning environment you may find yourself in

Think about what ways of approaching information or receiving it or remembering it work for a person like you: do you learn best through music? Sing and rhyme your study materials. Put the radio/stereo/ipod on and follow the beat or rhythm when you are trying to memorize.

Also perhaps invest it a couple of books that help you enhance the use of your grey matter. Memory enhancing books can give you a good insight into memory techniques that can help you remember things easier which of course will give your studies a good boost, and will give you more confidence to strive harder as well.

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