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You Are Too Self-Conscious

“Excuse me! Of what did you just accuse me?” If that is what you are saying after being called too self-conscious, well, that is normal, but it is also proving the point. It does not take much to stir a confrontational reaction in people. It either triggers the energy of their self-conceit or the emotion of their self-criticism. Drama is going on, brewing and brooding in people’s heads. The fumes are volatile and it just takes a small static electric spark to make their toxic loaded engine explode, over and over and over again in an endless afflicting loop of conflict!

The flaw can be fixed with a simple lobotomy. There is a part of your brain literally causing the problem and you are a candidate for an operation to have it removed if… you answer yes to either of these following two questions:

Question 1 – Do you hear voices or thoughts in your head telling you how you do not measure up?

Question 2 – Do you hear voices or thoughts in your head telling you how other people do not measure up compared to you?

Once in a while it happens, YES? Do not even bother denying it. Your candidacy for lobotomy is in the affirmative given that you are human.

It is your left brain that measures things, so all we need to do is get rid of that. You will be much happier because then the Measuring Madness prognosis you suffer from will be gone for good. Meaning you will not be self-conscious anymore.

Without the aggravating disability of having either a small or inflated fragile ego to measure and differentiate, you will just free flow indifferently and become one with the whole universe and embracing of whatever. There will be no form, no other-ness, no worries, and no attachments without the bane of your critical babbling left brain to go against the grain raising Cain and pain to complain and explain and blame until you’re plain Jane insanity certified insane.

Urgent! This brain surgery shall start now. And you shall perform it on yourself using your right brain, which if all goes well, will put you in your right mind. It is a virtual operation, no organic material will be cut. Just CUT OUT THE LEFT BRAIN THINKING!

You will be left with only the best, which is right brain thinking. The unhampered right brain is also referred to by some as the Buddha brain. It is where one dwells beyond burdensome concern and care that so occupies the world. A nirvana obtained in the deep contemplative meditation and merger into spirit, openness, acceptance, love, gratitude, oneness, and completeness unto everything. An internal state of dreamy expanded opulence without measure, anything else that has nothing to do with these falls away, as does your self-consciousness.

Qualities of Left Brain Thinking:
1. Ruled by fear
2. Always feels bad
3. Grasping and controlling
4. Insists on certainty
5. Needing of everything

Qualities of Right Brain Thinking:
1. Ruled by love
2. Always feels good
3. Relaxing and liberating
4. Accepts uncertainty
5. Needing of nothing

Humility’s Gift, by Mawlana Rumi:
And He’ll open the door.
And He’ll make you shine like the sun.
And He’ll raise you to the heavens.
Become nothing,
And He’ll turn you into everything.”

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