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Discovering Inner Peace

It can be a long and sometimes difficult journey to discover true inner peace, but it is possible. Attaining inner peace is a process which must begin with identifying what you truly value. From this starting point, be willing to mix with positive people, improve your understanding of yourself and others, and be prepared for an exciting journey.

Our beliefs and values set the direction of our lives. If we do not live in harmony with them we will live in a chronic state of stress and will be unable to experience inner peace. Shakespeare’s often repeated line “To thine own self be true” is very wise. To those of us raised to care about everyone else’s opinion but our own, it may seem selfish. However, if you don’t discover its importance early in your life you will realize it later with many regrets.

The pathway to inner peace is no easy journey. If you really desire inner peace, then you’ll have to be prepared to do the inner work. Getting to know the true you is certainly a part of this process. Defining what is important to you and making sure your goals and decisions harmonize with your values and beliefs are important aspects of this journey. Another very important and immediate thing you can do to become more peaceful is to remove or eliminate unnecessary and significant stressors in your life. You will also need to learn to manage those stressors which you cannot avoid.

Joy in life is also very important to inner peace. Be honest, do you need to lighten up? Maybe just a little? If you are too intense and have too narrow a focus in life, you can miss out on a lot of joy. Be willing to broaden your horizons and be more open to the positive experiences of life.

Most of us know the devastating impact that critical, judgmental and negative people can have on our lives. They can take your peace right away from you and leave you stewing in anxiety, anger, doubt or other unpleasant negative emotions. It is therefore very important to choose your company wisely if you want to experience inner peace. Minimize your contact with negative thinkers and try to spend more time with positive individuals.

Communication is also an important aspect of achieving inner peace. Be willing to deal with conflict early instead of letting misunderstandings get out of hand. If you need to, make an effort to improve your communication skills. It is worth the effort if it decreases conflict and stress in your life and helps you to maintain a calm and peaceful outlook.

Our inner peace is more dependent on good communication skills than many of us realize. It helps us to overcome preconceived ideas, judgments and prejudice. Let’s face it, the way we see the world and interpret other people’s words and actions can make us feel very stressed. Communication skills such as being observant, paying attention, listening, giving feedback and speaking can all help us to maintain positive relationships.

When we give someone our full attention and show them that we have heard and understood them, we automatically improve the dynamics of the relationship and they in turn, will tend to be predisposed to relate to us positively. By engaging proactively with others, we will minimize conflict and misunderstandings and thus reduce stress in our own lives. We also need to give ourselves the same consideration if we truly want to experience inner peace. Our self talk can be either positive or negative. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself and keep your self talk as positive as possible.


Inner peace is a goal worth striving for. Take some time to reflect on the information in this article. It may be helpful to ask yourself questions such as: Do I listen carefully to what others are saying? What sort of things am I saying to myself? Do my friends contribute to my inner peace or do they contribute to my stress? Take notes as you read through this article and you will come up with a number of questions you can ask yourself that will help you identify areas of your life you need to work on if you want to increase your inner peace.

Spend some time in quiet reflection, evaluating your responses to these questions. Knowing yourself is the first step to inner peace. The next step is to identify obstacles to peace and possible solutions. Consider how you can improve your thinking, choices and overall life in order to move towards a state of contentment and calm.

You may need to make some major changes to your life. You may have to release some friends in order to attract more positive people into your life. This may be a hard but necessary decision for your own well being. Perhaps you need to avoid certain television programs that fill your mind with worry and negativity. Whatever the changes you decide you need to make, it is important to have the positive intention to fill your mind with uplifting ideas that lead to a calm and peaceful mindset.

The process may not be easy, but the journey to inner peace is well worth undertaking. If you are willing to devote time to self reflection and personal evaluation, you find the pathway well lit and the destination closer than you think.

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