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Follow Your Heart

The ancient Egyptians considered the heart, not the brain, to be the seat of awareness and spirituality. Modern science has confirmed that the brain and the heart exchange electrochemical information…and that the heart sends more information to the brain than vice-versa!

I mention this because we have all heard about the importance of following your heart. We have also all heart about what a silly romantic notion that is for a modern “rational” person. We are supposed to follow, not our hearts, but the needs of the business world, the expectations of our parents, the pre-digested “education” that we received, the “rational” thinking. If we follow our heart–especially, in our society, if we are male, although females are also talked off of doing this–we are just some fool going off the edge of the cliff. We are told that nobody should expect to find their fantasy partner in a romantic relationship, so we should “settle” (this, it just so happens, is what the females are more supposed to do). We should not set our ambitions too high; we are very likely not “talented” enough to be what we want to be in our hearts, and we don’t want to set ourselves up for disappointment, do we?

It used to be taken as a given that a person could become “heart-broken”, which meant that if they loved someone or something with all of their being and had this source cut off from them or taken away from them their heart could swell with such energy born of pain that it could burst and they could die. Today, most people who are educated consider that to be a silly notion, or an overly romantic one.

Yet, there are modern stories of people who have lost a beloved one, such as a child, to death…and very soon after the death developed “cancer” and died themselves. The doctors might call it cancer, but what that is is a broken heart.

To follow your heart is not to literally follow any imagine dictations from a muscular organ that pumps blood through your body. It is to listen to your entire being. It is to pay close attention to your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, your nervous system, your bones, your total health and wellness; it is also to take your emotions seriously, yet without overreacting to them. For what our emotions demand is not REaction, but ACTION.

We must trust that what we deeply desire is not something whimsical and misguided; it is an instinct that has built up within us for years and years, ever since we came into the world.

We need to learn to trust the voice of our deepest dreams and desires. This is not some childish or silly voice. It is not “irrational”. It is a voice that has been building wisdom for us for many long years. When we feel that we must act on a desire, if we are mindful we will know that our feelings are not leading us down a dark, blind road; they are heeding the call of where we are meant to go now. If our hearts are what keep us alive…why should we not follow them, our most intimate part?

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