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Throughout my travels on the Internet, I often bump into interesting people and Chris Cade is one of those people.

Not so long ago I was thinking to myself how great it would be to have the ‘A Course In Miracles’ workbook drip fed through email over a year. I was actually thinking of doing all of the leg work myself to make it happen, but thankfully I bumped into Chris when I did…

Chris has actually done that already and it is exactly as I would have wanted it to turn out!

==> http://www.The-Course-In-Miracles.com/

If you’re not familiar with the channeled work, A Course In Miracles, I highly recommend you go do a bit of Google searching on it, because many spiritual teachers highly recommend it.

Oprah has talked about it on her show, and Eckhart Tolle describes it as a piece of work that takes the person from where they are (lost in thought) and leads them into presence.

Beautiful, huh?

I invite you to join me and commit to reading one short lesson from ‘A Course In Miracles’ every single day. I’ve committed and if the work resonates with you, then I highly recommend you also join me in this magnificent journey.

You can get your free drip fed daily emails from the following link:

==> http://www.The-Course-In-Miracles.com/
(Signup for the workbook lessons)

Wishing you much fulfillment,

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