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How to Get Rid Of Self-Sabotage

down_wEverybody has their own inner critic where you criticize yourself for what you did. However, if you are one of those people who have a harsh inner critic and engage in a self-sabotaging behavior, then you will have a hard time on becoming successful with whatever it is you want to become successful at.

If your inner critic makes you feel guilty, inadequate, incapable, depressed, unmotivated, and even stupid as well as makes you want to give up on chasing success, then you will want to get rid of this unhealthy behavior.

You may want to know that your inner critic works deep inside your brain without you even knowing about it. When something you do goes wrong and you failed in achieving success, your subconscious mind will automatically criticize you for not doing enough, which can make you feel bad or even depressed. However, you’d be glad to know the inner critic or self-sabotaging behavior can be extracted from your subconscious mind which means that you will be free from your inner critic and feel more empowered.

Firstly, your inner critic is a part of your personality. In fact, many people consider it as their subpersonality. Another example of a subpersonality is your inner child. Everybody has one. Anyway, these subpersonalities act up only in specific situations or circumstances. For the inner critic, you will often experience it when you go through negative events that resemble what happened in the past.

The inner critic can undermine your self-esteem and even affect your self-confidence. When your inner critic acts up, you will constantly feel as if you are sabotaging yourself. This will hold you back from getting successful at anything you want achieve. Whether it is your job or career, or even your personal life, you need to get rid of your inner critic or at least control it for you to become successful.

One great way to control your inner critic and avoid self-sabotage is by performing something called silencing the mind. By practicing this, you will be able to silence your mind including your inner critic and focus more on solving the problem that is keeping you from achieving success.

For centuries, silencing the mind has been encouraged by religious leaders from all over the world. It claims that you will be able to find deeper spirituality if you silence the mind and find the answers you seek from god. Until today, silencing the mind is still promoted by religion. In fact, spiritual teachers, self-help teachers, and even counsellors are now promoting this practice as it is very worthwhile.

Silencing the mind is not meditation. It is about the willingness and the ability to quiet your mind at some time during the day. By doing so, you will be able to feel the flow and ebb of your life.

A cluttered mind will mean that you will not be able to arrive to a definite answer. For example, if you are solving a particular problem with your work or with your personal life, you will find that silencing the mind will be able to help you make better decisions and help you arrive at a definite answer. With the hectic lifestyle that people lives today, you know how the mind can get cluttered, which will result in not being able to concentrate on finding a solution to a particular problem.

Instead of worrying and fretting about your problem, try to silence your mind. You have to remember that fretting or worrying about a problem will just cause stress, frustration, concern and even illness.

To silence your mind, try to find a few minutes every day in your life and just sit comfortably and relax. Think about what your problem is and concentrate on how you will be able to solve your problem. Whether it is a problem related to work or business, or a problem related to your personal life, you can be sure that you will be able to arrive at possible solutions to your problem.

You have to remember that life is full of challenges. You need to face these challenges every day no matter how big or small it is. If you take a few minutes from your time each day, and silence your mind, you can be sure that you will be able to solve any problems or challenges that you may come across with in your life. Silencing the mind is quite easy to do and to master. You don’t have to learn how to meditate but all you need to do is clear your mind from anything else and concentrate on the problem at hand.

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