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Managing Stress

Let’s face it – stress is a part of life. There’s just no getting around it. It’s quite common to hear people complain about how stressful life is, be it in school, at the workplace, and even with family. It affects everyone and doesn’t discriminate between race, age or sex. It’s simply there. And you can’t ignore it.

Whatever we do, there always seems to be some inevitable factors that are sure to cause pressure and anxiety in our lives. Some of this anxiety you can control and some you can’t. If you can’t control a particular type of stressful situation, don’t waste your time. Change only what you can control.

Here are some helpful tips to help you cope with stress.

1. Identify what makes you anxious and uneasy.

Making a list is a good idea. For example, the stress that you can deal with could include issues such as waking up late and getting to work late; waiting for the last minute to meet deadlines. These you can control. Issues you can’t control could be being stuck in traffic (that’s a big one!) or not being able to get into an elevator because it’s full.

2. Calm down.

Take a short break; three minutes is about all you need. Go to the bathroom and wash your face; sneak out and buy a candy bar; or simply go outside and get some fresh air; listen to relaxing music; punch a pillow; or call your best friend and talk to him/her about how you feel. Simply put – release the tension.

3. It will pass, and be over before you know it.

Keep telling yourself that the stressful situation is temporary and will pass sooner or later. See the positive side of things. Stabilize your emotions and channel your energy and time into what needs to be done, what you can control and change, not what you have no control over and cannot change.

4. What triggers your anxiety? Know yourself.

Is it your job? If so, maybe it’s time you considered taking a less stressful job. Or, you could make your current job more bearable by taking what is probably a much needed vacation or a leave.

Never waste your time and energy on things that you cannot change. If your boss assigns a new work schedule to you that you don’t like, you really can’t change it, learn to make the most of it. Just remember that things will improve as you adjust to the new situation.

In the end you have two choices. Accept the situation and work with it or change it. There’s simply no other way around it. You are in control. The choice is yours.

Be free of unwanted fear

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