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Stress Relievers for Busy People

fun_wSince going on a vacation is a great way to get away from stress, take the time off from work, forget everything about the city life, and relax and think of nothing. People who can afford to do exactly that can be considered the lucky ones. For the remaining others or those who don’t have the time to take several days off from work, there are other activities you can do. It might not be as exotic as your dream vacation but it works just fine if you want to relieve yourself from constant stress without cutting too deeply into your schedule:

Start a hobby (get a life). There are many activities that are great stress relievers. Try painting, model-making, solving puzzles, reading for pleasure, music, knitting, sports, and drawing. If it’s practical, try fishing, hiking, or mountain biking once in a while.

Doing away with newspapers, television, internet, radio and every form of media between can add to stress; but if you cannot live without hearing the news and current events stress you out, ‘news fast’ once a week is a good compromise.

Take some time to enjoy. Pampering is not something that is limited when you are on a vacation on an island or in a foreign country. You can always pamper yourself by going to a spa, taking a long bath, sitting and listening to relaxing music or a quiet stroll on your way home.

Act like a child once in a while. There is nothing wrong with goofing around. In fact, light moments significantly reduce the level of stress of a person. Have a laugh with your buddy at work. Play some clean and fun practical jokes on a friend or anything that is totally opposite to work.

Treat yourself for every accomplishment you make. It may be as simple as buying a piece of furniture for your house, dining out with friends, going to a spa, getting a massage, or buying your favorite shirt or dress.

Throw a party. Invite your friends to come over and spend some time without thinking of anything except having fun.

Find something you can look forward to. Give yourself some time off after carrying out a major project. You do not have to travel far. Do something that you always enjoy or try something for the first time, anything that can help you relax and take away your thoughts from work.

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