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Techniques in Coping with Stress

Stress is a combination of internal and external factors as it relates to us. External factors are often those that are job related, performance related, external expectations from us, relationships, new surroundings and experiences and other difficulties which we believe are beyond our comfortable level of functioning. Internal stress relates to our health, our fitness level, nutrition and our emotional health. In general being stressed is similar to our being stretched beyond our perceived ability to respond.

On an internal level, we could prevent many stress inducing factors from occurring if we have made preparations for it in advance.

Internal stress on one hand could be better coped when we have been maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Proper nutrition and diet enables our body to being more prepared an a lot more resilient in coping with ailments that are stress related. The immune system is one of the first functions in our body that are first affected by stress. When the body is healthy the person keeps on functioning even under stressful conditions.

Exercise daily. There is no substitute for a feeling of well being. That feeling alone enables us to cope very well even in some of the most adverse circumstances.

Rest and relax. A good night sleep and sufficient rest energizes the body, boosts the immune system and induce the replenishment of nutrients that are lost in everyday activities while relaxation induces clarity of perception.

External stress on the other hand is better coped by good habits and habit forming activities.

Time management. Often the demands of the job are such that the feeling alone of having insufficient time is very stressful enough. The paradox here is that people who made use of their time well are often those who could accommodate more activities. Conversely, people who have done little for the time allotted are those that are much pressed for time that are often the cause for being overwhelmed by stress.

Organizing skills. Clutter in the workspace also clutters the mind in fact; clutter alone could be overwhelming that it could tell the mind to give the effort up. Objective setting, prioritizing, periodical cleaning of the work space are often, even without additional external demands, are enough to create stress.

Attitudes. Negative behavior results to negative external reaction that often starts a destructive cycle. Being too big for problems and too noble for worries are excellent stress coping attributes.

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  • Stress management techniques February 1, 2010, 3:09 am

    Following are the stress management techniques which are also helpful to reduce stress. Stress management techniques such as stress exercises, meditation, humor, listening music, positive thinking, taking healthy diet, mild physical exercises, relaxed walking or outing, yoga, body massage and breathing exercises, time management, get enough sleep etc. which is very helpful to reduce our stress.

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