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The Basics Of Aromatherapy

You have candles at home and you enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender in your lotion. You may even practice aromatherapy in your own room or at the simplest put potpourri in your living room to enjoy that fresh smell.

Yet although you have done all this, can you really say that you know what aromatherapy is? And do you even have to know about aromatherapy in order to do it? Yes!

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils found in plants and placing them in various materials that will help diffuse their scent. Some use candles and light them up while others have diffusers at home that can fill a room with refreshed scents. Aromatherapy has become really popular in recent years, brought on by the fact that a lot of medical studies, have proven its efficacy in helping the muscles of the body relax and de-stress. It has also been shown to ease headaches and body pains without a massage.


Essential oils are extracted from plants. They have a wide variety of uses. One use is of course as a scent in candles or in potpourri. This is where the aroma comes from when you practice aromatherapy. Some essential oils are also used in lotions and in other toiletries, sometimes even in perfumes. This is of course not to be mistaken as the fragrant oils, which are synthetically made. Fragrant oils are chemicals that only copy the scent of the essential oils unlike essential oils that are purely natural.

Because they are all natural, they are used not only for aromatherapy but also for the skin. These oils are applied on the skin to treat burns, cuts and abrasions. Some are even used for skin problems. Oils in aromatherapy can be mixed with what is called a carrier oil like jojoba or almond. This is because essential oils can be very potent and may harm the skin when directly applied.


But don’t think that essential oils in aromatherapy can be used anytime. They also dry up and becomes stale. Essential oils should be properly stored in a cool dark place to avoid or at the most reduce the possibility of spoilage. It is also a good idea to buy essential oils that are stored in glass bottles rather than in plastic ones as it is less likely for them to deteriorate. When stored properly, oils may last for about a year.

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