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Unhealthy Ways to Cope with Stress

depressed_wWhen you are under stress, you do certain things that you believe are quick relief. The problem here is that some popular stress management techniques do not help relieve stress and others do more harm than good. The following are techniques that are believed to help a person cope with stress but are actually not:

Undereating or overeating. One of the obvious symptoms of stress is drastic change in eating pattern. Undereating may lead to malnutrition which has several side effects including hunger and poor health, which in turn, worsen the effects of stress. Excessive eating on the other hand is equally dangerous especially when under stress. Eat a well-balanced diet instead. Start your day by eating good breakfast to keep your energy up, followed by nutritious meals throughout the day.

Sitting long hours in front of TV or computer. TV shows and computer activities stimulate your brain. That is the reason you may find it more difficult to sleep at night after watching a movie or doing something on your computer. Prolonged hours in front of the television and computer also take away hours you can allot to other physical activities, making you feel weak and unhealthy, adding to stress.

Procrastinating. Do not wait for tomorrow if you can do it today. Procrastinating adds to stress especially if the tasks begin to pile up.

Excessive sleeping. Sleeping too much makes you feel tired. And if you are tired, you think irrationally because you are stressed out. Make sure that you get enough rest each day. Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern by sleeping and waking up at a specific time.

Smoking, drinking and drugs are easy escapes from stress, but the relief is temporary. Since you are just masking the problems, you are not really solving anything.

Not facing the problem by filling up every minute of the day. Staying busy the whole day may seem to be a good solution to solve stress. But the fact is, just like smoking, drinking and drugs, you are only masking the problem. So instead to moving on and feeling better, you are stuck on the same problem.

Withdrawing from friends, relatives and family. When you are undergoing much stress, a support group can come in handy. However, staying away from everybody may lead to depression.

Taking out stress on others. Physical violence, angry outbursts, and lashing out are definitely inadvisable.

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