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Writing Effective To-Do Lists

You’re on the way to the supermarket. As you approach the first aisle, you reach in your coat pocket to find the shopping list. It’s not there. Scouring through your purse yields no results. Most of us typically make little notes or lists, and seem to misplace them. There is so much going on in our lives, the tendency to forget becomes a frequent occurrence. To avoid this annoyance in the future, here are some tips on how writing effective to-do lists can save you time and stress.

Gather all of the scraps of paper from wherever you’ve placed them, and set them down on the kitchen table. By using either a yellow legal pad; date book; notebook; or anything large enough which cannot be misplaced, transfer everything you’ve written on the scraps of paper to any one of these notebooks or pads. If you prefer, you can attach sticky notes inside items as well.

Separate the to-do list by category; shopping; appointments, and things to do today.

As each item is completed, cross it off. This will allow you to keep everything you need in one place; and save valuable time later on.

Place two large magnetic clipboards on your refrigerator; one for your grocery list and one for your daily tasks. As you run out of items, write it down. Transfer the list to your book the night before you go to the supermarket. On the daily task board, begin a to-do list for those projects which need to be done around the house. Assign tasks to family members as well by writing the task with their name next to it.

Use your daily calendar, which can be purchased as a monthly or weekly guide, for appointments and to-do lists. There is a telephone and address section at the back which can be used for doctors, dentists, and important information which you can access immediately.

Try to get out of the habit of writing things down on bits of paper. Once lost, you’ll be hard pressed to remember what you wrote down. In addition, write clearly. Sometimes we are in such a hurry we tend to use anagrams or codes. Ensure what you record is readable, in case someone else has to check an item for you.

Writing effective to-do lists are vital tools which, when used properly, can allow you to accomplish tasks you have schedule for the day, remove the stress, and keep everything on track. Just as you have an address book, you can utilize several books to be used for family medical information, pet records, home projects, and anything else you require to keep your daily life sufficiently organized.

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