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Abusive Relationships

One of the most frightening thing about abusive relationships is that you might not even know that you are in one. When most people picture an abusive relationship, they think about a man hitting a woman and perhaps his children as well, but although this kind of relationship certainly is abusive, it is by no means the only form that abuse may take. An abusive relationship can be physically abusive, like the one mentioned above, or the abuse can take a more subtle form. Abusers can be male or female, and they can be involved in an emotionally abusive relationship, as well as a physically, or even a verbally abusive one.

The fact is, people like to protect their loved ones, and so they will often deny it to themselves when an abusive relationship is taking place. The victim might even opt to blame him or herself, rather than facing the fact that their partner is treating them in a way that they should not. It is easy to see why someone would cover up their own abusive relationship in order to protect the romantic involvement that they have going on with the person, but it is important that they break the cycle. If they do not, the abuse will continue indefinitely, and they will suffer needlessly, along with their friends, relatives, children, and anyone else who cares about them. The fact is that you have to fact the music sooner or later, and you might as well do it sooner so as to break the cycle of abuse.

An abusive relationship does not consist solely of someone making threats, nasty comments, or hitting you, although all of these things can be part of these relationships. A lot of what makes abusive relationships abusive has to do with the way the abuser views the victim. If he, for example, watches her every move and tries to stop her from being with her friends, either with threats or with emotional manipulation, he is an abuser. Abuse is not really about hurting the other person so much as it is about finding ways to control or manipulate them. The real cause of an abusive relationship is the desire of one partner to control the other, and be in charge of everything he or she does. If one person feels this way about the other, there is simply no way for them to have a healthy life together.

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