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Another Stress Reduction Technique

If you have not read the previous articles about stress and how it affects the body you should go back and read them before continuing. This article is mainly about how to control your stress. You will find a wonderful stress relieving technique below to help you manage or even eliminate stress.

One stress reducing method is to use your imagination to induce relaxation. The mind is a powerful tool and can easily induce relaxation. You can start this technique by doing some abdominal breathing for about five minutes to relax and wind down. Now imagine yourself in a comfortable place, maybe a hammock on a tropical beach or something else of the sort.

Now take in your surroundings, feel the warm sunshine on your body and notice how it does not only warm your body but it also warms your insides melting all your troubles away. Now listen to all the sounds around you, the birds, the palm trees waving in the nice tropical breeze, maybe even the waves crashing on the shore.

Now notice all of the colors that you are surrounded by. The brown of the tree trunks, the green of the leaves, the sea green color of the water. Take in all of the smells that come from the things around you. The salty smell of the water, the smell of a warm summer breeze, maybe even the coconut smell of suntan lotion. Use your senses to become one with nature.

Now imagine a really bright light coming down from the bright blue sky. This light is engulfing your entire body, feel the warmth and energy. This bright light is your guardian angel. You see her smiling down upon you with the bright halo on her head and a life force that is easy to absorb.

Submit herself to her completely. You should become one with her and through her become one with the universe. She is talking to you; she wants you to know how much she loves you and that she is there to protect you through anything. You can just feel the energy and vibration from her. A new sense of peace and harmony has come over you.

Now you are completely relaxed and your angel wants to share something with you. She knows that there has been something on your mind lately, a question, she wants to answer it for you. She knows what is in your heart and she fills it with knowing and understanding. Now take a couple of minutes to absorb her message, let it sink in.

Now you should thank your angel for the gift that she has given you. As you see her moving further and further away until all you seen is a faint white light, you can start coming out of your trance. Slowly open your eyes and breathe in the air around you. Wiggle your hands and feet and feel how relaxed you are. This is a great state of mind, enjoy it!

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