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Another Stress Reduction Technique

Welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed doing the visualizations I gave you in the previous articles. It’s a good idea to go back and read past articles on how to reduce stress and how stress affects your body. If you take this time, you will gain a greater benefit from this visualization. As you read past articles on visualization, you will probably notice that angels are an active part of the process. This is because angels can create a sense of safety and comfort. Now, let’s get on with it!

As you have been previously taught, begin with abdominal breathing. Sit in a comfortable chair anywhere you feel safe and secure and are unlikely to be interrupted. You can be inside or outside in the sun on a porch or balcony. Even if you are sitting inside, IMAGINE that you are outside sitting on your porch, or even on a chair on the lawn.

See yourself in your front yard. Pay attention to the colour of the grass, the colors and shapes of flowers and leaves in your garden, and people walking by getting their daily exercise. Notice the butterflies, birds and insects, the cars driving by and tree branches gently moving in the breeze.

Become focused on the environment around you. As you do this, let go of all the stress in your body that has built up over the day. Appreciate the natural beauty around you. Life is amazing! Life is extraordinary! It is also very beautiful.

Breathe deeply a couple of times and as you do this feel the tension leave your body. You are literally breathing away stress. Slowly stretch your neck by touching your chin to your chest then bend it backwards as if trying to touch your back. Maintain the stretch for a few moments and feel the tension release. Now move your head from side to side a few times as if you are trying to touch your shoulder with your cheek. Finally, rotate your head from right to left and then from left to right. Do you notice how great that feels?

When your stretches are complete, you look up at the sky and see a magic flying carpet. You are fascinated by the sight. How is this possible? What could you be seeing? A bright light like an aura seems to surround the carpet. You realize it is coming towards you, closer and closer. Soon it lands in front of you. Somebody or something is riding the carpet. It looks like a man but is glowing slightly. He is clearly friendly and beckons to you to get on the carpet with him. You are not afraid because you sense his kindness and you feel a sense of adventure rising in you.

No sooner are you sitting on the magic carpet, than it darts away taking you higher and higher quickly. It’s wonderful. You feel a sense of joy and childlike fun as the carpet sweeps through the sky, flying higher then lower, over the beautiful green countryside. The air you breathe smells sweet and it refreshes you and gives you energy. You look at the people moving far below you. They are like tiny ants going about their business.

The carpet lifts higher and in front of you a beautiful angel appears amongst the clouds. She smiles at you and gives you an important message. She tells you that your journey through life is like a magic carpet ride. It can be an easy, gentle ride or a bumpy one if the winds are high. Whether the ride is gentle or bumpy you can choose to enjoy it. It is how you respond to life’s bumps that affect you. You can choose to enjoy the wind tussling your hair or chilling your cheeks or you can let yourself get upset and stressed about it. You can always comb out your knots, after all. How you react to life depends on how you perceive your experiences. By embracing and enjoying your life, moment by moment, and looking for the good in people and circumstances, you will find that life becomes a lot easier. If you turn negative thinking into happy thoughts, your body will respond positively. To be happy, make sure you have fun, laugh a lot, and stop worrying about things. Life will take care of itself.

You are stunned, amazed. The angel has delivered a life changing message. She has inspired you and given you hope. You feel very thankful for the message she has given you. You feel very calm and peaceful as the magic carpet flies you back to your front yard and allows you to alight.

You look up towards the cloud in which the angel appeared and wave to her, watching her bright light become dimmer as she moves away from earth towards heaven. You feel wonderful, energized and very happy. You notice your front yard once again and everything looks even better. The grass appears greener and the flowers are even more vibrant and colorful. You understand now that your perception colors everything that you see. You realize you must view your life differently, more positively. You feel an incredible sense of appreciation for your life and already are more positive about it. There is an answer to every problem and a solution to every difficult situation; you just have to believe it. Life can offer you a great deal. You simply need the eyes to see the opportunities and blessings that are all around you.

Breathe deeply a few times. Now, don’t you just feel terrific?

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