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Be Smart With Your Food

Being told to eat your greens, and in particular spinach, is now a much more important expression than ever before. In the past food has been linked to both helping and hindering your body but now there are clear connections between what you eat and your brain remaining youthful and healthy too. Each and everyone of us requires protection and preservation of the brain, especially if you are involved in studying and relying on your brain power to get the results you so want to achieve. You will discover here in this article, information about which foods are good for the brain.

Blueberries, usually by way of delicious pies, muffins, and desserts, are renowned for their leadership in food excellent for the brain. They are full of antioxidants which help to better your memory and coordination. They also contain chemicals which lower the blood pressure and can decrease the chances of having a stroke. It is said that eating wild blueberries is the best option to make use of these healthy ingredients.

The wild bears of Alaska have always favored salmon and you should really make it one of your favorites too! It contains omega-3, known to protect the brain. With particular amounts this fatty acid in the bloodstream, it has been shown in studies that higher levels of serotonin occur and this acts as a natural mood enhancer. However, putting a smile on your face is not the only reason to eat salmon. Serotonin encourages the brain’s nerves to communicate more, thus augmenting the ability of the brain in relation to learning and memory.

On a cold winter’s day most of us enjoy the goodness of a cup of hot cocoa or hot chocolate. An added incentive of this already delicious drink is that scientists have found hot cocoa to have five times as many antioxidants as most other drinks such as black tea. These antioxidants are especially important in their work to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and other mind shifting diseases. For the best results you should avoid the variety available from the store of ready mixed and not so healthy ingredients and opt for 100% cocoa to make up your drink.

The perfect choice when eating out in a restaurant is to order a blueberry fruit salad as an appetizer, salmon for your main course and a glass or cup of hot cocoa for your dessert. You will definitely be smarter and healthier for making these choices.

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