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Controlling Anxiety

For some people, controlling anxiety is a daily necessity. Stressful situations cause the heart to pound, the palms to sweat, and breathing to become more intense. They begin to feel panicky and scared. It can easily consume your days and years without even a hesitation. Anxiety can harm a person not only emotionally, but physically. Most people believe that the only cure for controlling anxiety is medication. That thought is absolutely not true and could save people quite a bit of grief.

There are so many reasons that anxiety and panic creeps into our lives. It could be something very simple, such as spilling a cup of coffee. It could be something very emotional like a death within the family. On some days, you are able to laugh off that spilled cup of coffee, the very next day that same incident might make you burst into tears. Since every person has their own triggers for stress that means that every person also has their own ways of controlling anxiety as well. People who deal with anxiety find themselves becoming drained emotionally and physically exhausted.

Controlling anxiety should start with the thought process. In time, you learn to feel yourself becoming anxious and panicky. You are able to realize it’s happening, but the mere thought of how to get past it terrifies you. You need to redirect your thoughts the moment you feel the symptoms gripping you. Anxiety causes negative thoughts and reactions, but it doesn’t have to. When you know you are dealing with anxiety, fight like crazy to push those negative thoughts aside. I know, that’s easier said than done. And it may seem almost impossible to do, but it is possible! I’m not going to say that it’s not a struggle, because it is. Eventually, controlling anxiety is something you can conquer. It’s very easy to let negative thoughts creep into your mind. Once you learn to recognize the onset of your symptoms, learn to breathe. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Talk yourself through the occurrence with positive thoughts. Tell yourself that this is something
you will control, you will not let it control you.

The best part of controlling anxiety is relaxation! You are required to relax! Find something to do every single day, for at least 15 minutes, that requires very little thought. You could listen to music, practice yoga, soak in a warm bath, or curl up with a great book. Taking the time to cater to yourself and let your mind and body unwind is incredibly essential. It’s important for people who don’t struggle with anxiety as well. I never thought that I had time to relax. I worked full-time, took care of my children in the evenings, catered to my husband, cooked and cleaned, and very rarely focused on myself. I forced myself to start taking late evening walks. The fresh air cleared my mind and the physical exercise did wonders for my self-esteem. That time to myself became a key in controlling anxiety. I learned that I was in control. That’s what controlling anxiety is about – learning to recognize it before it takes over, and convincing yourself that you can and will beat it.

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