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Decisions Leading To Stress

Our decision process determines how our life will result. If we are making bad decisions then we are increasing stressors that stimulate stress. On the other hand, if we make good decisions our life will produce good rewards most times. After studying the human race my entire life, I noticed that the world is ready to believe a lie before hearing the truth.

This makes it difficult for honest people to cope, since most people will frustrate us. Now we have a choice to decide whether we want to continue a life of truth, or resort to lying bending down the most people in society’s standards. Lying causes more problems than what it is worth, so we know if we lie then a bad decision was made and the results will be an increase of stressors.

Therefore, keeping it real is the only choice you have that will not eliminate all the stressors since others are going to make you angry, but it will help free your mind of guilt. We all have decisions that include which course we will take in life. Do you want to go down the road of failure or do you wish to travel the road to success? If you choose failure, you might find your self-overwhelmed by stress throughout your life time.

On the other hand, if you choose the road to success you ending results will be rewarding and challenging since you are aware that potential risks are involved. If you are deciding on buying a new car and undecided of which car you will buy, then you have a big decision that can affect your life forever. If you choose to buy an expensive car and later find that you cannot afford the vehicle then your decision will prove stressful.

None of us really needs an expensive vehicle, only few of us want the material that costs a fortune to repair. Expensive vehicles include higher insurance coverage, higher maintenance and so forth. As you can see, you are adding stressors to your life unless you are filthy rich. What about a house are you intending to purchase a new home?

When you sit down to make the decision calculate the insurance costs, lawyer fees, mortgage repayment, and other details of the transaction. If you have the money to move forward do not jump at the first offering available to you. Research the marketplace carefully to learn about the different types of mortgage loans that can bring you less stressors in the future. You never know how tomorrow will turn out so do not take it for granted that your security will always be existing. Are you planning to marry?

If you are having, you calculated the increase of financial responsibilities, increase of stressors and so forth. Are you ready to get married? Making the wrong decision can lead you to an over surpassing amount of stress. If you think before you act, you can save your self some heartache in the end. Maybe you and your mate are considering a child. Do you know what this entails?

You can hang up freedom, because rearing children takes a lot of time, responsibility, pain and suffering and so forth. Can you financial afford another person in your life at this time? Are you only thinking of the rewarding feeling of having a child? Are you considering opening up your own business? If so have you sit down and evaluated all responsibilities, include taxes and other details and expenses? Is the business a source that will produce good results? Making good decisions plays a part in everything we do.

If we are learning stress management techniques that help us to cope with stress and minimize stressors, we have a chance of surviving a healthy, full life. A good decision may not always prove rewarding in all cases, however, in most instances good decisions bring us a life filled with happiness. We have to consider many areas when making decisions and this may cause a small amount of stress. Other people affect our lives also, so we might make good decisions and feel persecuted because of other people’s actions.

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