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Discover The Art of Breathing

Everyone knows how to breathe. Breathing is an automatic, natural, involuntary thing that occurs in every living person. The central nervous system sends signals that enable us to breathe even when we are not aware of it. So one might assume that learning how or improving one’s breathing may perhaps be foolish.

In reality however, a person’s breathing changes and becomes restricted in various ways, not just momentarily, but habitually. Unhealthy breathing habits can develop without us even being aware of it. The bad posture and/or slouched positions that we take part in diminish lung capacities and cause us to take shortened breaths.

How ironic that something that happens so automatically without even thinking about it can develop into something that can have a negative effect on our overall wellness? Breathing is something we all do, but something that we often take for granted as a powerful tool to assist in:

+ Situations of panic or anxiety including panic attacks.

+ Summoning calmness and clarity before speaking or acting.

+ Overcoming fears and phobias.

+ Enhancing sessions of Yoga and Meditation.

+ Putting you better in touch with your inner self.

+ Realising the key factor in common with all races, religions and ages and promoting peace and better understanding.

+ Avoiding conflict and unneccessary harm.

+ Enabling you to become more graceful and in control of your own life and actions.

This is the importance of mastering your breathing and Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist can help. Steve’s brand new hypnotherapy recording will give you the power you need to master your breathing effectively and naturally. It’s called: “Power Your Mind to Discover The Art of Breathing

This life-changing hypnosis audio program is brand new. Are you ready to join those who have seen hypnosis help them?

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