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Does Having This Real Power Interest You?

Do you think you could use this killer technique I’ve just discovered in “The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis” course to better your life?

If you missed my recent messages then I recently discovered an exciting course by world renowned hypnotist, Igor Ledochowski, on using the power of hypnosis in everyday conversation to quickly get what you want.

And I wanted to share with you another extremely potent trick which I’ve had a lot of fun testing out… and it works like gang-busters too…

*** The “High Status Signalling Technique” ***

What if you could send secret high status signals to whoever you liked so that NOBODY doubted what you said… EVER?

Imagine how useful it could be for you if you appeared as an authority on almost any subject or in any situation!

Not only would you instantly appear more authoritative and knowledgeable, but you’d also get much greater levels of respect.

And when people obviously respect you, other people around automatically start respecting you and deferring to your judgement as well.

And then you have leadership.

You see respect is what gives leaders power.

What’s more when others act like this towards you – you start to naturally FEEL like a leader too.

It’s like an amazing feedback loop which reinforces your high status even more so that even more people want to agree with you and do what you want.

And all it takes is following a few simple rules even a 9 year old could master!

NOTE: That’s just one technique I’m now using from over 16 hours of mind power secrets you need to get your hands on…

Warning: More Personal Power About to be DELETED

I don’t want you to miss out on this bonus…

You can also choose to get a complimentary upgrade to the Platinum version of this course, like I did, which gives you a FULL month’s access to the exclusive private hypnosis club which is packed with other advanced hypnotic secrets.

And the reason I don’t want you to miss out is this…if you get this course today then you’ll still be just in time to nab one of the hypnosis club’s “Master Classes” before it’s DELETED forever!

This master class is called,

“Discover Exactly How Hypnosis Masters Create Hypnotic Realities In Others With Their Magnetic Personal Power”

Each master class is between 4-6+ hours long and they will really knock your socks off because they reveal secrets that only a few world class hypnotists greedily keep to themselves.

Until now.

Here’s just a few of the things I learned from this hot master class :-

* How a submarine’s sonar contains the secret to desalinizing and influencing people’s grip on reality so that YOUR version becomes more “real”!

* The Personal Power secret of highly charismatic people – why their influence is almost irresistible over you and how you can learn to do what they do.

* How the Personal Power exercises put you in touch with your unconscious mind and more inner resources – you’ll be more flexible & creative as well as more powerful.

* How to always be right – even if you’re wrong!

* The 3 steps to freeing yourself from the ego and unleashing your Personal Power to give you the ultimate edge in life.

As you can see I’m very excited about this course and I strongly recommend you get a copy now so you’re no longer left in the dark AND to avoid losing the amazing bonus I mentioned above.

Click here now!

P.s. There’s also two other master classes you’ll receive with the complimentary Platinum upgrade as well,

“The Stunning Secret Of Covert Trances That Will Have You Changing Peoples Minds More Often Than You Change Your Socks!”


“How To Train Highly Responsive Hypnotic Subjects So That All Your Hypnosis Targets Become Eager & Able To Obey You”

And although it’s not listed on the site I can give you the ‘inside track’ on the latest master class which will replace the Personal Power one that’s about to be deleted.

It’s called,

“How To Use The Distraction Method To Secretly Influence People’s Unconscious Minds To Give You What You Want”

So you’ll get that too!

You’ll need to click here now!

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