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Exploring The World Of Non-Formal Sound Therapy

The various options associated with sound therapy come courtesy of the many different kinds of sound that exist in the world. To explore some of the best options, I have listed a few below:

DVDs, CDs, and Tapes for Stress Reduction

One of the most well known categories of sound therapy includes audio products that contain refreshing sounds. This approach may come in the form of music; exploring natural wonder; chanting; words spoken softly; or primitive sounds, such as the echoes of the outside world that a fetus encounters while in the womb. All of these sounds possess the power to send you into a dreamlike state of mind. To get the most out of this process – I suggest lying down or sitting still while listening. However, some people still experience great results when doing various activities at the same time.

When looking for the best in stress reduction CDs and audiocassettes – I recommend seeking out the resources offered through the Center for Neuroacoustic Research (also known as CNR). Since 1980, Jeffrey D. Thompson, the founder of CNR has accumulated extensive research pertaining to sound and healing. As a respected expert throughout many international circles – his studies in the field of neuroacoustic healing has led to the creation of more than 60 CDs and audiotapes centered on acoustic pacing, which is responsible for blending the frequencies of musical sound tracks.

It is his acoustic pacing recordings that can assist the mind and body in discovering a realm of deep relaxation. Stress levels decrease. Overall healing takes place. Pain becomes easier to control. Greater levels of meditation states are reached. Some people are even able to achieve a better night’s sleep. All of this comes as a result of using modulated sound pulses to alter the levels of consciousness in a person, which opens up doors for one to accomplish a higher level of healing.


How many times have you felt more relaxed after listening to your favorite music CD? The sounds of something familiar are great for bringing a sense of calm into your life. I also suggest looking into New Age music.

Vibration Therapy

Comparable to acupressure, a chiropractor or therapist often delivers this dose of therapy, which uses a thick, metal tool (shaped like a rather narrow horseshoe) to create sound and vibration. Wherever it is tapped on the body, an advantageous stream of vibration rejuvenates the surrounding region. Sound vibration is becoming an increasingly popular method of establishing a healthy level within body tissue to promote relaxation.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Used in meditation circles, singing bowls are a musical instrument associated with the Buddhist culture. You may also see these bowls referred to as a Himalayan bowl or cup gong. When gently hit or rubbed slowly – the metal insides or top surface of the bowl makes a sound that can reduce stress and lessen anxiety. Sometimes, a small mallet of wood is used to produce this harmonious sound. Just keep in mind – this technique is considered quite hard to get the hang of.


The constant spoken or sung word or sounds that creates a soothing rhythm is called chanting. Even during ancient times, people found a use for this method while on the battlefield or when participating in religious worship. A few examples of this sound therapy include some Native American traditions, the infamous Gregorian chant, and mantras.


Another ancient practice to consider is drumming – often associated with Native American tribes, who created vibrations that easily sent bystanders into a trance-like state of consciousness. However, individuals were still completely aware of their surroundings. Most times, it was the drummer that received the more intense results.

Normally, handmade Native American drums covered with animal skins are used. Luckily, drums come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and styles – where the palm of your hand or even a soft mallet can achieve the sound you desire.

An increasing popularity regarding drumming circles (with the occasional use of Native American flutes) has been seen about the U.S. The level of energy produced by two or more drummers can create a swelling healing force filled with power. Drumming, especially in a circle can lead to beneficial healing that really reduces stress levels.

Sound Equipment

Don’t worry – this isn’t the kind of equipment a music band relies on – I’m referring to the various types of tools that can create a refreshing sound within the comforts of your own home. This may include a tabletop waterfall or a bubbly fishtank. Some people take pleasure in the soothing sounds of tranquility chimes – consisting of tiny beads that continuously drop to produce a relaxing response.

Overall, no matter what sound therapy approach you select, a regular routine is needed in order to truly eliminate stress. Over time, daily therapy is no longer necessary and you can slowly decrease your schedule to once a week.

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