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Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

stress3_wBusy schedule, pressure at work, school requirements, bad relationship, peer pressure, family problems: these are some of the things that trigger stress. Most of them cannot be changed but that doesn’t mean you cannot do something about it.

Stress, in itself, is not bad. What makes stress destructive to our health is when we let it affect our lives and we begin to succumb to the negative effects of stress. What we should do, therefore, is to deal properly with stress.

Avoid stress

Many stressful situations are beyond our control and it also unhealthy if you always turn your back on situations that need to be addressed. But then, there are many stresses that are unnecessary. These things should be avoided as much as possible.

o Avoid people who cause you stress
o Trim down your to-do-list
o Learn how to say “no”
o Avoid sensitive topics such as politics and religion

Change Your Attitude

Setting high goals, taking on too many things at the same time, and seeing a particular event as a general thought can be stressful. Since it is an internal problem the solution should come from you.

o Recognize that you are stressed
o Adjust your standards
o Do not entertain negative thoughts
o Look at the bright side
o Think of a situation as an opportunity for growth.

Learn from Mistakes

You cannot avoid all stressful situations but you can learn from them. Think of ways where you can avoid encountering stress in the future. Sometimes, it involves reviewing your whole perspective on life and changing the way you relate to others.

o Accept other’s opinions and be open for suggestions
o Express your frustrations, annoyance and anger to a trusted friend, a family member or a counselor instead of keeping it to yourself.
o Take care of it. Do not allow yourself to be at the mercy of the situation. Take control of your life.
o Set priorities. Manage your time.


Death of a loved one, illness, weather, traffic, and economic recession are some of the things that are beyond your control. Accept that you cannot do anything about it. What you can do is to find a way where you can make the most out of these situations.

o Learn to forgive
o Move on
o Talk to somebody
o Do not treat each situation as a reason for giving up

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