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How Can I Avoid Stress?

flower_wStress is often a result of pressure and problems from work, school, peers and other stimuli from everyday activity. While you cannot avoid stress, the following is a list of suggested ways on how to combat stress.

Have a hobby

Puzzles, reading for pleasure, music, knitting, model-making, sports, and other physical activities such as walking and biking can be a great way to combat stress. Find a hobby that suits your interest, without pressure, without a deadline, which can be picked up where you left off any time.


Exercise has many benefits; one of them is it can reduce the level of stress. Also a person who engages in a regular exercise routine is more relaxed than one who doesn’t. When can an activity be called an exercise? Any physical activity from as simple as walking to as physically demanding as weight training can be called an exercise as long as you do it for a determined period of time regularly. If you are jumping off from your couch, brisk walking for 30 minutes each day, 5 times a day is a good start.


If you find yourself working for most of your waking hours, then you definitely need a break. Prolonged and constant tension at work or even studying for school can wear you down easily. Have a good night’s sleep, at least 8 hours, every night.

Take a time out

When beating deadlines, pleasing your boss in hopes of a promotion, or cramming for your exam you often leave yourself working for more than your body can handle. The result is that you get irritated easily and can begin to experience a slowdown in reflexes. You also begin to feel body pain as you unconsciously tense your muscles to keep focused. These are the early signs of stress and must be avoided by taking breaks between. Walk around, do something different, drink water, or anything that would take you away from what you are doing.


There is nothing wrong with working but if you let your work take control of your life, then you have a problem. Schedule a time where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor – a vacation, a quiet stroll, a long bath, a massage, watching a movie or anything positive that you can look forward to. Do not feel guilty when you relax. It is not a waste of time. You need some time for relaxation to recharge, refresh and recollect your body and your mind.

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