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How Can We Evaluate Our State Of Wellness?

Our bodies obtain a state of wellness when all of its processes, such as physical and mental, are performing at peak levels. Many people ask “what does it take to achieve a complete body wellness?” Well, the fact of the matter is that it requires more than just a trip to the gym, or a walk in the park.

In order for us to establish our state of wellness, we must determine the goals that we wish to achieve through well being. Our lives are made more enriched and simpler to live. We can reap the benefits of well thought out plans of diet and exercise for many years during our lives, simply because we have taken the time to maintain our bodies in a fit and well state.

One of the first tell tale signs as to whether you have a state of wellness is your immune system. By having a healthy immune system you can help to delay the commencement of many age related diseases. Certain health conditions including Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, macular degeneration, and overall feelings of good health, depend entirely upon a healthy immune system.

When we reach the accepted age of retirement, we have the ability to continue in a normal routine when our state of wellness has been maintained. Work becomes a real source of enjoyment for many older people. Their work no longer appears to be a way of stealing their free time. Instead, it becomes a friend that they become accustomed to visiting. This alone, can be a reason to carry on getting out of bed in the morning and going about the day. This becomes an exceptional benefit to our state of wellness and continued good health.

Our mental capacity in order to continue learning, teaching, and experiencing is a top priority in evaluating our wellness goals. Mental sharpness is a result of continuing to use the mind in order to learn, communicate, and think. These benefits are felt for a longer period of time than the benefits of physical wellness.

What are the physical benefits of continued wellness? One of the priceless possessions of continued wellness is that an individual can have the peace of mind that when their body is in shape, they are ready to deal with whatever is thrown at them in life. It is a great accomplishment to know that you have spent the day wisely, and invested your mind into something worthwhile. The benefits of adding a simple 20 minute exercise routine to your daily activities are unbelievable. I can personally tell you that your energy increases, as I am an individual that walks to receive my exercise. I lost a total of 74 pounds in just one year by simply adding this walk to my daily routine. I was one of those people that was dieting with very little success. My physician suggested that I began walking, and since I have undertaken this exercise, I have never been so impressed. I have three times as much energy than I had before. Having increased energy levels is one of the best benefits of a well and fit body.

It is most certainly a lifetime responsibility in continuing our wellness and evaluating our levels of wellness. This is not a difficult thing to achieve if we use our resources wisely as well as educate ourselves as to the things that our bodies require in order to maintain wellness. The benefits from continued wellness are reaped well into our later years. It is important to refer to it as an investment, not of dollars and cents, but of time and education. You will find that the return on your investment was well worth the time and effort, and it is far better than any prescription available.

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